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Setting the workspace

If you’re new to using Photoshop, the workspace is probably the first thing you want to set. The workspace is the area in which your image is displayed. You can adjust the tools and features, as well as the workspace size and orientation, by using the workspace menu shown in Figure 3-2.

**Figure 3-2:** You can adjust the workspace in the workspace menu.

After you set the workspace, you can then save a workspace setting. That

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Photoshop CS5

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Category:Erector setEditor’s note: I posted earlier this week about Eastern Minnesota seems to be re-inventing its schools in a more STEM-focused way. If you want to keep up on developments in this field, check out the Minnesota S3 Blog, the Minnesota State Legislature’s blog or the Minnesota Department of Education’s S3 Blog.

Minnesota’s schools are facing a budget crisis. The Department of Education this week said it will cut nearly $57 million from its budget, $15 million more than expected, until it gets a two-year spending package from the legislature.

The cuts, if approved, could impact eight school districts, including the high-profile Grand Forks Public Schools in North Dakota.

The Davenport-Cambridge Community School District, which has a strong science focus, received word this week from its board that its budget, which is about $2.3 million, was headed to the chopping block. The district has, however, been authorized to raise taxes by the state to cover the costs.

“We’ve had a good year,” district superintendent Tom Berg said. “We’re optimistic about getting through the year, but we’re optimistic about what the legislature is going to do.”

The following comes from a meeting last night, when the school board heard, among other items, a report about cutting six science, technology, engineering and math positions.

“You will be losing some of the folks that are the key of our student success,”

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