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Adobe Photoshop is used for image editing, photo retouching, graphic design, and more. Here we will take a look at all of the different parts of Photoshop and what they are used for.

Batch Photoshop features:

Batch Photoshop can batch process a set of images together, making many changes in a single pass, instead of manually making changes to each individual image. Batch processing is extremely effective when changing multiple images at once for a variety of reasons. For instance, if you have a long list of images that need editing, batch processing can save time because it allows one person to edit multiple images at once.

Advanced options:

Most of Photoshop’s features are accessible through the Options panel. You can find options in any of Photoshop’s panels by selecting the panel and looking for the Options button, which is on the right side of the panel.

The following are some of the most useful Photoshop options:

Layer Masking:

This is a great feature to know. Layer Masks allow for selective editing and masking of parts of an image to create custom shapes. They work on layers, which are image areas that contain multiple elements—text, color, gradients, patterns, and so on. Using the tools in Photoshop, you can work on multiple layers simultaneously. (You can have as many as you have in a given image.) In addition, when layer masks are created, you can use them to create cut-outs for objects in a photo, such as faces.


Compositing is an advanced feature. Rather than editing individual layers, this feature allows you to edit the entire image. The most common use of this feature is to create filters, effects, and templates that can then be applied to multiple images at once. You can also create panoramic images, combine images from various formats, and much more with this handy feature.

The history feature is also part of Compositing. The history feature allows you to undo the last 50 steps in Photoshop. If you have done a previous edit and want to go back, you can undo it. This feature is a great way to track down previous edits or temporary mistakes.

Camera Raw:

Photoshop’s camera raw feature enables users to open files directly from a camera. The camera raw is also known as the Advanced Camera Raw (ACR). Adobe recommends that you convert the files to Photoshop’s native RGB format before using camera raw to ensure the

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Unzip the download file to get its content.

Open the file named bootstrap.xpi and open it by double-clicking on its icon.

Press Alt+Enter and select Open in new window.

Press Ctrl+S to save the file. This will replace the preview image.

Press Ctrl+N to create a new document.

You should now have three documents in your application: bootstrap.xpi, bootstrap.html and bootstrap.css.

Open bootstrap.html in a browser.

Open the Chrome Developer Tools and press the F12 key to open the panel of Developer Tools.

If you cannot see the Developer Tools, double-click on the middle pane of the browser to open the Developer Tools.

Delete the right div tag and the img tag.

Open bootstrap.css and change the width of the div, menu, footer,.site-header,.site-footer, and the.container classes to 890px.

.site-header.site-header__container {

width: 890px;



.site-header.site-header__columns {

float: left;

width: 33.33%;



.site-header.site-header__menu.icon {

margin: 0.25em 1em;

padding: 0.25em;

display: inline-block;

vertical-align: middle;

}.site-header.site-header__logo {

max-width: 100px;

}.site-header.site-header__menu {

max-width: 100px;

}.site-header.site-header__menu.icon {

margin-right: -.25em;


Open bootstrap.xpi and press the F2 key to open the panel of the application.

Select Desktop Package.

Open the menu and select Edit.

In the text field box, paste 0.8 in the Property Name.

Press Enter to save the change

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how to set a default font size in a enum

For example I have a 10, 12 or 14 in my enum
enum fontSize {

If I create a Button it will set a font size 10.
But I want that if the user is not set any the font size 10 will be set in every button, and when the user changes the fontSize to 12, the fontSize 10 will be changed too.
I can do this if I change every button’s fontSize, but is there a way to do this without do this manually?


you can do like this
enum fontSize {

class ViewController: UIViewController {

@IBOutlet weak var btn1: UIButton!

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Take Nth Post and then delete it

I wrote this code that takes the Nth post and then deletes it. But it deletes all the posts in that category. Is there a solution for this?
$catquery = mysql_query(“SELECT * FROM posts ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1”);
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$catid = $catpost[‘id’];

$delete = mysql_query(“DELETE FROM posts WHERE catid=’$catid’ AND id=’$catpost'”);


To me it sounds like you’re keeping some sort of ordered list of posts, so something like this is what I’d do:
$catquery = mysql_query(“SELECT * FROM posts ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1”);
$catpost = mysql_fetch_assoc($catquery);
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$delete = mysql_query(“DELETE FROM posts WHERE catid=’$catid'”);

return list($num, $rate, $paid)
$rate? $rate * $n * $cur_amt / $n
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System Requirements For Round Brush Photoshop Free Download:

Mac OS X 10.10.1 or later
NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT or later
2 GB available space
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or later
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