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ProcessGuard [Updated]

Run, stop, start, manage, and monitor processes on your computer.
Filter and remove processes based on IP address, registry, and name.
Set program action based on CPU usage, amount of RAM, and time limit.
Alert by email, message box, or sound.
Monitor your computer’s CPU usage.
Monitor a running process with a free CPU usage.
View, control, and monitor running processes.

Watch this video to know more about ProcessGuard:

Popularity is a measure of how many people have installed a particular app. The higher the number of downloads, the more popular the app.

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As mobile devices and smartphones are very popular today, people are now very dependent on them. At present, thousands of people are using mobile devices and smartphones for work and pleasure. As mobile devices become more powerful and versatile with each passing day, it has become mandatory to have mobile app development companies to develop apps for it. The main aim is to provide maximum convenience to users. If you are an aspiring app developer, the creation of an app is necessary in this fast paced world. We have selected the top 5 mobile app development companies in India and also explained the reasons behind the selection.

Top Mobile App Development Companies In India – How To Choose?

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· Mobinkode

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· Blue Orange

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ProcessGuard Free Download X64

Capture and save Keyboard events on your Mac.
KEYMACRO is an application that records keyboard events, and saves them as clips. You can later view and edit clips by dragging the mouse onto a screen, and the most recent Clip (depending on the volume of events it records) will automatically be loaded.
Why would you need to record keyboard events?
It would be a pretty useful feature if you plan to create a fast and smart shortcut keys on your Mac. You can set up a keyboard macro and key combination to perform a specific action, and save it to a clip, which you can play back later. This application is perfect for anyone who is tired of manually navigating to certain programs and features on their Mac.
Keyboard macro can be used to perform multiple actions, and can be set up by the number of keystrokes that need to be pressed (single keystroke equals one action) or a combination of commands like Ctrl+Alt+2+3=Menu+Sleep+Numlock+Reset, etc. Also, it’s possible to save the current keyboard layout and lock it, so the shortcuts you set up don’t change when the Mac is restarted.
Keyboard macro can be stored on the clipboard, which allows you to copy, print, share and send the clip by email. For each clip, you can set up a title and description, and assign a key shortcut to play back the clip.
Who would use this application?
Anyone who is tired of spending time and effort to set up shortcuts on their Mac.
What do you need to set it up?
First, you need to have either Keyboard Maestro or Karabiner-Elements installed.
Then, simply create a Keyboard Macro and set it to the actions you want to set up.
Editing and creating new Keyboard Macros is also easy, just open the application and drag the mouse onto the clip area to play it back. When you set up a key shortcut, it will also be added to the Clip section of the application. You can also export the clip to the clipboard, so you can copy it and send it by email, or send it as attachment to a Mac via AirDrop.
Is there a trial version?
Yes, there is. You can use it without spending any money. It is also possible to access the trial in the background, and it will update itself every 30 minutes.
Monitor System activities:


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How to filter out multi-level repeating JSON array elements?

I have a situation like this:
var array = [{
id: “A001”,
title: “A001”,
root: [
id: “G005”,
title: “G005”,
root: [
id: “M004”,
title: “M004”,
root: [
id: “D007”,
title: “D007”,
root: [
id: “C101”,
title: “C101”,
root: [

System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7/8, Windows Vista, or Windows XP
Processor: 1.4 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Microsoft DirectX®9.0-compatible video card
DirectX®: Version 9.0 or higher
Hard Disk: 11 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX®9.0-compatible
Additional Notes: Windows Media Player version 9.0 or higher
Note: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later is required to install and use The Simpsons Game. If you


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