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E-Filing Service

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Secretary Service

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Email Domain System
Independent company e-mail system – Maintain contact efficiently and saving time
To have your customized domain e-mail system, to upgrade your company image. We can minimize your cost and provide a simple and user friendly e-mail platform
  • Own your customized domain e-mail to build up the image, e.g. [email protected]
  • design your own e-mail address and domains
  • create your staff e-mail account to keep a good communication and you can create or terminate email addresses anytime
  • Synchronize the calendar makes it easy to manage your schedule


  • Enjoy your company e-mail and Drive storage
  • Custom email address
  • Customize your email address to your business (e.g. [email protected]).
  • Unlimited users
  • Create as many user accounts as you need.
  • Video chat, calendar, document editing and more
  • Includes productivity tools such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites and more.
  • Business controls
  • Manage user accounts, applications, security and settings for your company.
  • Customer support anytime
  • Call our phone support anytime or get your answers by sending questions through email.
  • Guarantees 99.9% uptime service level agreement.

Cloud Drive
Saving files anytime and anywhere by using Cloud Drive services
As long as you have a computer or mobile device, you can log in to your account immediately to edit your documents, pictures or reports.
Whether you are working outside, or you are attending the conference, you can easily review and modify your files. This help you saving your computer capacity! With two more steps to verify the security can make your drive more stable.
  • Design the capacity of your cloud drive
  • Teamwork is more efficient
  • Excellent filing system
  • Ensure the file updated and synchronized storage function
Custom domain e-mail and cloud computing Fee
30GB Inclusive
100GB $56/mth
1TB $120/mth
10TB $840/mth

E-Filing Service
Change your paper documents to PDF files
Premier Assistant help to scan all your paper documents to PDF files
  • Visit your office to collect the documents
  • Scan the documents and separate it by different folder
  • Save those soft copy on Google Drive, File Server or DVD
  • Store your paper documents. (Arrange to take it out when you need the hard copy)


  • Space Saving – Documents won’t occupy your office space anymore
  • More Tidy
  • Find and Use anytime, anywhere

Secretary Service
Restaurant Reservation
When you make an appointment with a major customer, have you tried that the customer go a restaurant together with you, however you found that you forgot to make the restaurant for reservation, or forgot to arrange hotel accommodation for clients, and then generate embarrassment, and so that customers a negative impression?
To help you concentrate on the development of your business, our secretarial services will absolutely cater your needs and help you arrange all secretarial duties, so that you can focus on business development. As long as you send us a message, we will immediately make the restaurant reservations according to your instructions, and make your customers feel you’re carefully plan.
Travel and hotel arrangements
Whether for your business trip overseas or for your clients to arrange accommodation hotel. Premier office can help you to arrange hotel accommodation and group tickets at a special price within a short time, which help you save a lot of time. At the same time, we offer you a sedan car for shuttle service according to your requirements. It is convenient that we can arrange the car to pick you up.
Meanwhile, our insurance industry partners can offer comprehensive travel insurance plans to you with free consulting services.
Administrative Support
Premier office can provide you with comprehensive administrative support services to help your daily business operations. Our professional secretary team can provide the tailor-made services for you to solve your business according to your requirements,
Our secretarial team will help you to handle the documents and operation every day, and done properly, which allowing you to set aside more time for core focus on developing the company’s business

Tax Accounting & Auditing
Accounting Services
  • Setting up an accounting system that fits your business
  • Preparing general ledgers, cash & bank books, accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Managing accounting materials, systematic filing and bookkeeping
  • Preparing annual financial statements include Balance Sheet and Income Statement
Tax services
  • Profits, Salaries, Property, Employer tax return preparation and filing
  • Provision tax planning on corporate, individuals, sole proprietors or partnerships
  • Handling tax queries, lodging of objection, applying tax holdover and tax exemption, dealing with tax investigations
Auditing services
  • Statutory auditing services for limited company
  • Special Audit on proprietor and partnership account in enhancing of reliability
  • Internal Audit to enhance high profitability and efficiency

Investment Immigration
  • provide professional consultation
  • handle the tedious procedures
  • solve legal problems