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Myths and realities about the Blue Dress code.

I was stunned to learn that the Blue Dress Code has been adopted by many workplaces. An example I heard last week, was about an article in a local newspaper where a police officer said that he had to wear a white t-shirt and the same pair of pants every day. I had to do some searching to confirm the accuracy of the information.

I am not against the Blue Dress code. It’s about good manners and decency. I am against the way we have been treated by the society where we have to follow a set of rules just because we are in a position of authority. In fact, I am against any set of rules.

There are four major reasons why we need to do away with all types of dress codes:

First, dress codes reflect a society that promotes discrimination. This is evident in the fact that men are never told to wear a white shirt and a tie, while women have to wear at least one piece of


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