Jun 2022
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XE5 new features
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Changelog to Delphi XE5
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Delphi XE5 / C++Builder XE5, 19, 190, 26.0.
Today I have found a site for XE5
Delphi XE5.
Check Delphi XE5 changelog, features, upgrade.
It’s for Delphi XE5 version 19. It has descriptions and screenshots of new features in Delphi XE5 and new VCL (Visual Component Library) for faster development and deployment. It also has a full documentation of the new features. “This image gallery and changelog are direct downloads from the official Delphi XE5 release page. We recommend that you only download these files from the official XE5 distribution page. The files can be found here: __________________.
Delphi XE5 New Features
Features in XE5 New Features.
Before upgrading to the latest version of Delphi, download documentation from your downloads page of the latest Delphi version. Download Documentation.
In Delphi XE5, we now have the following new features:.
In the VCL Editor, there are several new features, including the following:.
Inline Code Folding:
Inline Code Folding in Components.
Inline Code Folding in VCL Forms.
Inline Code Folding in Resource Dialogs.
Inline Code Folding in MDI Forms.
Inline Code Folding in MDI Windows.
XE5 Code Folding.
Enable/Disable Code Folding.
XE5 Code Folding.
In the IDE, there are several new features, including the following:.
Design-Time Error Reporting:
Display warning messages when a type or a member does not exist.
Write source code in batches.
Show log messages.
Simplified Property Lookup Wizard.
Generate language-based events.
Native and object HTML forms.
Simplified Property Manager.
Generate color for ASCII and Unicode text.
Use Rich Text controls.
Delphi XE5, Delphi XE5 Features and New functionality.
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