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RadiAnt DICOM Viewer Crack + Download PC/Windows (April-2022)

Name: RadiAnt DICOM Viewer Cracked 2022 Latest Version
Version: 2.4.1
File Size:
License: Freeware
Input files:

Handling medical imaging graphical representations is not only a job for the professionals, but it also requires some advanced and specialized hardware and software. Since home users should have little interaction with such images, a tool like RadiAnt DICOM Viewer Torrent Download might go by them unnoticed.
Nonetheless, such applications are clearly designed for experts in that field and for medical students, for example, the relevance of this utility will be quite important. It is also worth taking into consideration the ease of use, which becomes evident with each run, as well as the nicely designed interface that facilitates the access to all the features of the program.
Working with RadiAnt Viewer could hardly be simpler given it innate ability to recognize DICOM files from a folder you select and have them displayed in a sequence so you can take a closer look. Loading the images is best done by deciding which is the containing directory and this practice should be common if we are to consider a better practice allocating for each patient a special folder, where all the scans and other personalized records should be kept for fast retrieval, following the example of individual medical history.
The generous space allocated for the imagery is accompanied by a set of features that increase the overall value of the application. For instance, you can choose a split view where up to 20 slides can be viewed simultaneously.
Adjusting the images, browsing through a series of scans or having patient data displayed are just a few options that you can activate with a single click. There are many tools for measuring certain elements inside the slides and you can pick the one for length, ellipse, pencil, angle or Cobb angle.
Exporting the selected images as graphic files (JPEG, BMP) or WMV movies is also possible and this completes the set of functions that makes RadiAnt Viewer such a sought-after software solution.
RadiAnt DICOM Viewer Description:
Name: RadiAnt DICOM Viewer
Version: 2.4.1
File Size:
License: Freeware
Input files:

Handling medical imaging graphical representations is not only a job for the professionals,

RadiAnt DICOM Viewer Crack

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RadiAnt DICOM Viewer Crack [Mac/Win]


This is a company built on innovation and technology. We are always looking to embrace new ideas. Following this we are always looking for new products to offer. We are constantly evolving and growing. We’re always trying new things. We have some of the best software minds in the business and we are constantly updating our software for maximum functionality.


RadiAnt has been operating since 2006 and now consists of a number of knowledgeable individuals who are committed to providing excellent digital imaging products, and customer service. At RadiAnt, we want to make you a satisfied customer. We also want to be up to date with current events and technologies.

This is our dedication to you. We want to keep you informed and all the time encourage you to never stop thinking out of the box. We intend on staying on the cutting edge and producing the latest and greatest products.

With so many features, how can RadiAnt Viewer be labeled as a “tool” or a “utility”?

It is in fact a different case. In fact, we dedicated this application for people who are interested in DICOM images. We included the app in the range of commercial solutions available at The main purpose is to do, especially for managing the images of different patients, for medical students, for doctors, for other professionals etc. The app itself works perfectly but in order to be even more effective, we added a lot of functionalities for this product and we expected to make the app more efficient and more useful to our customers.

RadiAnt DICOM Viewer is a versatile application and everything is designed to make it perfect. Having the ability to split the screen into an unlimited number of panes in a PowerPoint style format is just one of the many options.

Another very unique feature is the ability to work in different modalities using the same connection, even if the images are stored in different folders.

Another great feature of this application is that the individual can select any amount of images. Even a single image is quite sufficient to create a personalized compilation.

There are also many tools available that include the ability to analyze and measure certain elements within the images.

The application gives the user the opportunity to open the selected images at any time. You can open the images using the “Open Image Folder” option or by simply

What’s New In RadiAnt DICOM Viewer?

What’s New in This Release:

This version of RadiAnt Viewer 2.1 improves stability and performance.

New Features:

·Added support for CMYK images
·Added support for extended metadata for JPEG2000 images
·Added support for several new DICOM tags
·Improved handling of DICOM fields that contain mappings to other tags
·Improved reliability of handling DICOM fields with multiple values
·Implemented DICOM support for 3D floating point values and image orientation tag
·Fixed issue in which data assigned to values not visible in RadiAnt Viewer

RadiAnt DICOM Viewer is a freeware application that has been tested and reviewed on: Windows 7 sp1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows XP. The application has been downloaded and installed more than 1,500,000 times. RadiAnt Viewer is compatible with all modern browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera). More…

Imaging study DICOM viewer

IMAGING DICOM Viewer is designed to be simple to use, quick and lightweight. A graphic user interface for DICOM formats (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) with comprehensive support for the DICOM file format.
The program allows you to view all the images from a DICOM file even when the file is located on a different location than the program itself. More…

DICOM Viewer

What is DICOM Viewer?
What can DICOM Viewer do?

DICOM Viewer is a powerful free DICOM image viewer for Windows. It handles DICOM DUMP files as well as DICOM DUMP images and DICOM images in the other DICOM formats supported by DICOM Viewer.
It is one of the best DICOM image viewers for DICOM dump images because it has easy-to-use graphic user interface.

DICOM Viewer can easily convert its DICOM image output to different formats, such as GIF and JPG.
You can display DICOM image elements one by one or as a whole. With a click, you can zoom in or zoom out the DICOM images.

DICOM Viewer has a very easy-to-use graphic user interface.
The application handles DICOM DUMP files as well as DIC


System Requirements:

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* This is a single player game, but it is possible to connect with a friend via wireless LAN.
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