Live Receptionist

Our Privilege

With Premier Business Centre Live Receptionist Services, our professional administrative support team will help you answer your clients’ call, so your clients can speak with a real person, but not an automated system or a voicemail service.

Flexible Call Handling

With Live Receptionist Service, you just need to provide the information and instruction to us, we will answer call according to your request then. Also, we can forward call to you immediately for any urgent matter.

Professional Image

Premier Live Receptionist Service provide professional call answering service, such as greeting recording, voicemail recording and real assistant call answering. It can bolster the image of your company.

Less Commitment

With Premier Live receptionist Service, you don’t need to make a commitment of a long-term commercial office space lease and hire a full-time staff anymore, thus, to lower the hassle and expense.

Lower Cost

Premier Support Team arrange multiple staff take caring of your business by a competitive price. You only pay for what you use. And no need to hire a full-time assistant for the stuff and answer call.

Work Anytime & Anywhere

No matter where you are, you can contact our support team to handling the stuff and administrative. In addition to this, you can answer your clients call even you are out of office.