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Redfan SuDoku is a nice game widget that will enable you to relax and play your favorite game anytime you need to take a break from work.







Redfan SuDoku Crack + Download For PC

Redfan SuDoku Crack Mac is a widget that runs in your desktop or browser. It keeps you busy with SuDoku puzzles.

Just add your Redfan password to the widget and your gaming addiction will be revived.
Redfan SuDoku APK:
When you download this widget you will be asked to give it permission. After that you will be free to play all your favorite games anytime.
You can also use the widget for study purpose or to keep yourself entertained with the topic you are currently reading.

If you like Redfan SuDoku you can also download other RedFan apps for more fun.
Redfan Browser, Redfan Watch, Redfan Wallpaper.
Download Redfan apps for free from the all RedFan Official APK site.
Redfan is an all-in-one online game, watch and wallpaper.

It is all you will ever need.
Redfan Browser:
The perfect companion for a Redfan sudoku player, this application offers a list of the 100 most visited websites along with beautiful wallpapers and games. Redfan Browser has an intuitive interface and is easy to use.

Redfan Browser is available for both the iPhone and the iPad.
Redfan Watch:
RedFan Watch offers a complete dashboard that gives you an overview of your activities and all your devices. The main feature is the ability to bookmark any URL or create a widget. You can also download wallpaper from the widget section and watch Redfan video channels.

All these widgets can be installed in the home screen of the iPad and iPhone. Redfan Watch also has a free version for iPhone and iPad users.
Redfan Watch HD:
Download the HD version of RedFan Watch to enjoy its full features. Redfan Watch HD has its own optimized dashboard that is very well designed.

Redfan Wallpaper:
Redfan Wallpaper gives you the possibility of downloading one of the most beautiful and interesting wallpaper in the world. It has been selected by RedFan Wallpaper users every day. Redfan Wallpaper is also available in HD version.

Redfan for iPhone and iPad:
Redfan for iPhone and iPad is the classic version of RedFan. It is designed to be simple, intuitive and extremely functional.

The application connects to the RedFan server and updates automatically your games library and devices. Redfan is the perfect companion for a Redfan sudoku player.
Redfan for iPhone and iPad:
Download the free

Redfan SuDoku Activator

Redfan SuDoku is the smart, customizable, and free widget for your desktop. It works with the newest version of Android (4.0 and above). You can display your favorite games when you need a break from work, or play while doing something else. The small widget stays on top of the screen, and you can open the game with a flick gesture.
Best of all, it’s free! It’s safe to say that Redfan SuDoku is the best little game widget. What more can you ask for?
Redfan SuDoku Features:
√ Brand new, clean, and very efficient
√ Simple and easy to use
√ Support multiple players
√ Use your own games
√ Multiple game types supported
√ Very easy to set up
√ Many skins and themes
√ Perfect for Android 4.0 and above


Download Redfan SuDoku apk 6.1.2 direct link for Android smartphone or tablet (Free)

Ricochet is a new free unity 3d game by amk dotcom which seems to be a tug of war game in the similar fashion to billiards. In this game you will get to play with another person in real-time and you will both be competing against each other to knock down the balls.

Ricochet Features:

The best way to win a game is to score more points than your opponent. To achieve this, you can collect and accumulate points in the pocket by knocking down balls. This is the main gameplay in the billiards game, so to best your opponent you have to knock down the balls as quickly as possible.

Download Ricochet apk 6.1.2 for Android


Ricochet is an app which has been ported to the Android platform. We are looking for feedback and as always we need to adjust. Stay tuned.

Red Fan Sudoku is now live on Google Play

Red Fan Sudoku is now live on Google Play

Update on 12th of May, 2016: The new version of the app has been released on Google Play.

Red Fan Sudoku is a simple game where you are asked to complete the Sudoku puzzles. There are a total of 20 puzzles which all seem to have easy-to-medium level of difficulty. The challenge is to try and complete all 20 puzzles before the time runs out. You can start at

Redfan SuDoku

Now you can enjoy as much as one hour of entertainment on your web browser without any hassle.
There are no server-side scripts, so you can access it from any location and any device, anytime.
Enjoy playing in full-screen mode or change the size of windows.
We suggest you to use the 2.0.0 or higher version, because the older versions of widgets have some common bugs in them, which makes this widget unusable for you.
If you need a feature that is not available for your version, simply contact us at the service in the forum or if you have any questions, please visit the website support.
You will be greeted by a message saying that you can play for free.
Please install the RedFan SuDoku widget in your browser.
Enjoy RedFan SuDoku for hours of fun and entertainment.
Automatically restart upon session termination.
You can choose whether to reboot your device or not.
Change theme to 32 colors and toggle visibility of desktop icons.
Increase or decrease the window size.
One hour timer (you can set your own timer in minutes).
Start/Stop the timer at any time.
A widget that will allow you to start playing SuDoku.
Clear the timer and close the widget without saving the game.
The game updates automatically, so you don’t have to worry about that.
Play any game you want, and the widget will keep on updating the games.
Adjust the games that appear in the widget (the game list).
Adjust the appearance of the widget window.
Adjust the appearance of the widget panel (you can change the desktop background image, the time/window size and window position).
Adjust the animation speed.
You can display the game list that contains all games on your device.
You can play solitaire or over 1000 other games.
Start or stop the game and the widget will close itself without saving the games on your device.
You can choose the option to clear the timer without saving the game.
You can choose the option to clear the widget without saving the game.
You can choose the option to restart your device without saving the game.
You can choose the option to disable the reboot of your device without saving the game.
You can choose the option to remove the widget without saving the game.
You can choose the option to disable the widget without saving the game.
How to use RedFan SuDoku:
Open your browser

What’s New In?

Play your favorite sudoku puzzle anytime, anywhere. Create or import your own sudoku puzzles and play them in the widget. Online sudoku games are included and many puzzles are available for free.

Amino Free Task Manager is a powerful task management for Windows. It offers detailed information about running tasks including details about each running process, CPU, memory, disk space and so on. Key features include Process View, Task View and Process Tree View.

Amino Free Task Manager is a powerful task management for Windows. It offers detailed information about running tasks including details about each running process, CPU, memory, disk space and so on. Key features include Process View, Task View and Process Tree View.

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System Requirements For Redfan SuDoku:

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Processor: 1.6 GHz
1.6 GHz Memory: 1 GB
1 GB Hard Disk Space: 2 GB
2 GB Graphics: 512 MB
512 MB DirectX: Version 9.0
512 MB DirectX: Version 9.0 DirectX Compatible: Yes
Yes Minimum System Resolution: 1024×768
1024×768 Game Ports: 2x Analog Sticks (


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