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Refx Nexus 2.3.2 Crack __LINK__ Free Download

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Refx Nexus 2.3.2 Crack Free Download

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Filtering out spammers using log file

Say, I have a spamming IP address log file, where each record contains the IP address of a spammer. But I don’t want to remove the records containing spammer IP addresses from the log file. I just want to be sure that I can identify some other records in the log file that belong to that spammer IP address.
For example,
111.111.111 | 12345
192.198.988 | 112233

There are still other records for that IP address (seen 12345 in the example).
111.111.111 | 12345
111.111.111 | 12346

Here, I want to get these records from the log file so that they are excluded from the result. I don’t want to get records like this (from the example):
192.198.988 | 112233

Please help on this.


I would recommend Grep, the basic command is to grep the lines like this:
grep 192.198.988 log.file

This will search the file for the line:
192.198.988 112233

If you wish to exclude some lines from the output you can add these lines to the beginning of the pattern
192.198.988 112233|1234

Note that this excludes only lines which contain that text.
Depending on your use case, you can add a shell script to search for the number of lines you want to add and then pipe the output of that script to grep

# number of lines

# log file

# grep to print the lines
grep “$numlines” “$log” | grep 192.198.988

I have noticed that you might have more than one line that matches which you don’t want. In this case you can use the -n option


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The official release of RefX Nexus is 1.6.1

The update was released 5 days ago.
Also, check the timestamps here

The developer is in touch with the support and it will be fixed.


Restrict content of a post and not the entire post/page on WordPress

I am trying to ‘protect’ my posts, I mean they should be accessible only to registered users. I do not want to block my site but only display posts to users that are registered in the site. I don’t want to create separate user and group and what not. I mean, is there something similar to this plugin where I can create posts with a restriction page that will be a form and once the form is filled, the post/page will be visible to the registered users.
This should work on the front-end only.


I’ve been looking for this too, I finally managed to achieve this:
The solution is to use a checkbox and an ACF field.
The checkbox:

The field:

And you just need to associate the checkbox with the field.
In this way you can display only the restricted content to specific user groups, with a specific format or any other feature:
If someone uses this code they will be able to see only the’restricted content’. No registration is necessary
ID, “restricted”, true);
$restricted_content = “no”;

echo ”.$restricted_content.”;

If someone uses this code they will be able


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