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Resistor Calculator Activation Code With Keygen Free (Latest)

This application enables you to calculate:
– the resistance of any type of resistor,
– the current flow through a resistor,
– the power, voltage and current through a resistor.
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Resistor Calculator Crack+ Product Key

ResistorCalculator helps you to find the voltage drop across a resistor, according to Ohm’s law. The calculator also displays the resistance value and resistance tolerance with a graphical simulation.
Resistor Calculator is an easy-to-use utility with minimal user interface that assists you to find the value of a resistor given its resistance and voltage. It also helps you to calculate the voltage drop across a resistor according to Ohm’s law.
The program can be used in a two-way manner. That is, it can calculate the value of a known resistor, as well as the voltage drop across an unknown resistor. Therefore, you can easily check the values of known resistors and even estimate what values a resistor might have.
Note that the program contains a utility that can help you find the value of a resistance by using a predetermined voltage drop value.
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Resistor Calculator [32|64bit]

The Resistor Calculator is a small program which can calculate the given resistor by voltage and resistance.
There are a lot of different calculators on the Internet but this calculator offers special type of calculations like variable resistor(KVR) or type of resistor(KVR).
So for example if you input 330KV, it will show you 120% voltage and it can be used for CRO (coil form) or resistor.
Resistor calculator main screen:
After the user input the initial values, main screen appears and starts calculation.
Main screen shows converted values and specific result. In this example we inputed 330KV.
If there is a maximum voltage then it will be displayed. Also If it is a variable resistor then it will be shown with given value.
Difference with other calculators are that there are buttons for changing the unit and setting the calculators precision.
You can check it out here: (the version of the calculator that we tried in this review is a beta version)

This calculator can be downloaded from:

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What’s New In Resistor Calculator?

The RP Resistor Calculator is a scientific design tool. Featuring dedicated functions for resistor calculations, the RP Resistor Calculator is a valuable tool for both hobbyist and professionals alike. So why is it called an RP Resistor Calculator when it is not a mere R, P, or resistor calculator?
RP stands for Reachable Point. The RP Resistor Calculator has been built from the ground up to take into account the Reachable Point of where the user is. The Reachable Point represents the smallest distance a user can move the mouse to. The Reachable Point can be adjusted to be in any direction from the centre by adjusting the level. It is calculated using the radius of the tool. There are two different levels, to adjust one level off, just click the up arrow at the top of the graphical user interface. To adjust the level all the way up, just click the button at the top left of the graphical user interface.
The actions of the RP Resistor Calculator are key. It has been designed to be very easy to use, so anyone of any experience can master it. The RP Resistor Calculator has a few actions pre-defined, such as:
The Very Basics:
– set or reset the Reachable Point and set or reset the Radius
– set or reset the level of the Reachable Point
– save or share your settings
– display the results of your calculations
– clear the screen and take you back to your Saved Settings
Additional Features:
– color coding of units and numbers
– display current voltage
– AutoLayout
– Save results of calculations in text file
– Prints base 10 and base 2 numbers
– RADAR Display
– Unit converter: Millions, Thousands, Units, and Thousands
– Units converter: Millions, Thousands, and Millions, Tens
– Thousands, Millions, and Thousands
– Rademacher Power Series
– AC and DC current test
– Ohm, Ohms, Volt, and Amps
– Voltage and current chart
– Power and resistance chart
– Calculate resistance
– Calculate power
– Calculate voltage with the KiloOhm system
– Calculate voltage with Ohm system
– Calculate the voltage
– Calculate current
– Calculate power
– Calculate power with the KiloOhm system
– Calculate power with Ohm system
– Calculate the current
– Calculate the voltage with the KiloOhm system
– Calculate the voltage


System Requirements For Resistor Calculator:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit or later; Mac OS X 10.10 64-bit or later
CPU: Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD Ryzen 5-3600
HDD: 16 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
Additional: NVIDIA Max-Q i7-4790K or AMD Ryzen 5 1600X
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 25 GB available space for installation
Additional Notes:


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