Jun 2022
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RSSReader is a lighweight RSS, RDF and ATOM content viewer written with Delphi 7 which supports OPML to browse categories.
It also has “Archiving” feature to archive and categorize news in feeds. Keeps the last 100 history of Feed and OPML files.







RSSReader Crack+ With Key Free Download [Mac/Win] (Latest)

* Clear and simple interface
* Category-based browsing
* Automatic “Archiving”
* Built-in OPML file opener
* Simple and fast

RSSReader Notes:
* At the moment RSSReader does not support the OPML Specification. The latest Public version of RSSReader supports Minesign specification. So, please go for it –
* Do not use RSS Reader if you want to use “RSSIE + RSSWeaver for Delphi” as it has OPML formatting. They differ.
* Do not use the Demo versions of RSSReader. It has only less than 10 feeds in demo.
* Free demo edition is available on the root download page. See Top Menu – Demo Versions.

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RSSReader Crack (Updated 2022)

RSSReader Torrent Download is a light weight RSS reader with many features, features like text, OPML and ATOM preloaded in the application, automatically import news from feeds you are subscribed to. One click install and now you are ready.

AIMDB is a simple. Fast. Free. Collected information about movies and TV series.
AIMDB is a collectial information about movies and TV series. Its format is based on XML.

Wayfinder is a powerful RSS feed application which enables its users to discover interesting new Web sites and Web feeds. Wayfinder provides integrated Web search and content filtering, as well as collection of Web sites and feeds into a single user account.

FeedDemon is the leading RSS feed reader. Read your favorite feeds in your favorite web browser, from Windows and OS X. FeedDemon supports RSS 1.0 and 2.0, Atom, Podcast, and RSS-enriched Atom feeds. Share any text, link, photo or video with FeedDemon’s innovative Friends system.
Key features:
* View news, blog posts, and other feeds from Google Reader, Bloglines, and many more
* Add feeds from any RSS reader, directly to your FeedDemon account
* Support for Firefox and Safari extensions, and popup notification

Subscribe to any podcast in seconds by launching a podcast finder. Pithily. Dropcast.com provides an easy way to find the podcasts you want to listen to, and listen them anywhere. Simply choose a feed or podcast from any feed reader or podcast host website, search for it, and follow the result.

CastroSoft Auto Reader quickly and easily downloads and displays RSS and RDF feed
news including RSS, ATOM and RDF feeds. It allows you to select specific feed sources,
sets of categories and restrict access to feeds by adding user, server and group
access permissions and view RSS and RDF feed results in multiple formats with the
ability to add or remove feeds from your favorites.

RSS Hook is a plugin for your favorite RSS reader that keeps track of all RSS feeds you are subscribed to, along with their URLs, titles, descriptions, categories, etc.
In addition, it provides user interface to allow you to easily browse these RSS feeds and their contents.

RSS Plug-in is a free PC/Mac RSS feed reading software plugin that allows you to read your favorite RSS feeds easily and without any additional software. With RSS Plug-in installed on your PC, you


RSSReader is a lighweight RSS reader which supports OPML to browse categories. With
the help of Archiving feature, RSSReader can archive all the RSS and OPML feeds and keep
the last 100 history of Feed and OPML files.
It is a no-frills RSS reader. Its menu and GUI is designed to be as simple as
possible. However there are plenty of options and settings to make it fully customizable.
You can select your favorite news site/feeds by checking the “Popularity” box.
It can support 40+ RSS and OPML news sites, such as yahoo.com, google.com, news.bbc.co.uk
and so on. And one more thing, RSSReader can be used as OPML client to browse and
save OPML file.
General Features:
[Open] – You can browse feeds by clicking the “Open” button. The source of RSS and
OPML feeds is stored in “Settings” tab.
[Add News] – Add RSS and OPML feeds in “Sources” tab.
[Settings] – You can edit the “Settings” tab to set up your favorite news sites.
[Archiving] – You can archive all the feeds and OPML files in “Archiving” tab.
[Help] – You can find help by clicking the “Help” button.
[Exit] – You can close the application by clicking the “Exit” button.
Archiving Features:
[Open Source] – You can archive your feeds by copying and pasting the feeds in
“Archiving” tab to “Archiving” folder.
[Version] – You can check the “Version” box to view the FeedReader2.chm help manual.
[Group FeedReader] – You can group all the feeds by color. You can access group feed
by double clicking on any group.
[Clean up the groups] – You can delete all the feeds in any group by clicking the
“Delete” button.
[Clear the grouping information] – You can clear the grouping information by
clicking the “Clear All” button.
[Copy Group To Clipboard] – You can copy group feeds to clipboard by clicking the
“Copy To Clipboard” button.
[Group Feed Readers] – You can add FeedReader2.chm, atrweb.pl, and

What’s New In?

It’s a multi-language XML based feed reader for Windows with no ads, no ads with premium version and NO NEED TO ENTER YOUR CARD AND DON’T EVEN SAY THANKS.
As a user you have little features and more full customizable options:
– Categories: Unlimited no. of categories
– Display: Display only top
– Display items first before categories: A bit
– Controls: Display
– Create categories
– Create a feed folder
– Edit a feed
– Default opml reader
– History: last 100 news added and updated
– keyboard shortcuts
– modify mime types with registry changes
– more compact
– more attractive
– privacy setting: None/Read/Mark all/RSS reader
– read your news in the desktop feed view
– simple
– view last 5 news
– view last 5 comments
– view last 5 ITunes, Link etc updated
– view last news added or updated
– set position on screen
– set position on webpage
– support rss 1.0 to rss 2.0
– update items on a timer
– update rss every xxx items
– with OPML support
– support “Archiving” to specify a day of week for feed to be archived.
– you can set it to not display comments.
– you can set it to not display feeds on selected days.
– use the command line in order to create a feed at the command line or use a batch file
– create a feed in the command line
– create a feed from the command line
– batch file settings
– you can specify if you want it to read feeds from a folder
– you can specify a default folder for feeds
– you can specify a default folder where you want it to save feeds
– export feeds to an OPML file
–… and many more…
If you want to download RSSReader it is available for “free” and “premium” version. You can find the premium version here. It also provides a free evaluation version of which you can find here. It also has an inexpensive server for the users to test in their companies.
RSSReader is a multi-language XML based feed reader for Windows with no ads, no ads with premium version and NO NEED TO ENTER YOUR CARD AND DON’T EVEN SAY THANKS.
As a user you have little features and more full customizable options:
– Categories: Unlimited no. of categories
– Display: Display

System Requirements:

Windows 7 SP1 or higher
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or higher
AMD Radeon HD 6870 or higher
4GB of RAM
25 GB of available space
A USB 2.0 port
A Sound Blaster compatible sound card
Mouse and Keyboard
Minimum Requirements:
A Sound Blaster compatible


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