Jun 2022
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Securepoint SSL VPN Client is a lightweight solution for both personal and Enterprise use that will allow safe browsing and data security from any outside sources.
The Securepoint SSL VPN client is easy to operate and can also be used with the other third-party VPN services' servers. It still uses the long time advocated OpenVPN as a flexible alternative to IPSec-VPNs despite being considered too complex or prone to interoperability issues.
Securepoint SSL VPN Client allows secure OpenVPN connections by simply choosing one freely selectable port (UDP or TCP), which in turn can be tunneled by Internet firewalls and provides without any issue, thus ensuring 100% security as far as data leakage and personal data sharing go.
More so, like any other VPN service, this can be used to bypass all forms of Internet censorship, by emulating a location other than our physical one.
because it can be used in a company where multiple users are involved, the client benefits from a clear user interface for managing a large number of VPN connections, and even multiple simultaneous VPN connections are possible.
More so, company-specific data, such as user names, passwords, PKCS12 passwords, HTTP proxy users, HTTP proxy passwords are all AES encrypted.


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Securepoint SSL VPN Client Crack + Download For Windows

Securepoint SSL VPN Client provides advanced encrypted connections through the usage of port 80, 443/web server HTTP proxy and SSL. With all of these protocols in place, Securepoint SSL VPN Client serves as an encrypted tunnel between your Web browser and the VPN server. The web browser can securely access Internet and intranet websites.
Securepoint SSL VPN Client will work transparently on all Web browsers that support OpenVPN, which has been recently released for secure, high performance encrypted connections through many popular Web browsers.
By using the Securepoint SSL VPN Client an end-to-end (peer-to-peer) encrypted connection can be established between two remote computers or Web browsers, as seen below. It also allows any number of systems to securely connect to one another.
Securepoint SSL VPN Client creates a secure tunnel that gives users the ability to securely browse the Internet and access Web content from an untrusted network.
Securepoint SSL VPN Client offers functionality and reliability, and provides single encryption of any connection, ensuring that sensitive connections are encrypted end-to-end (peer-to-peer) with AES 256-bit key using OpenVPN protocol.
Securepoint SSL VPN Client Features:
Securepoint SSL VPN Client:
● The software has a clear and simple user interface.
● Supports multiple users.
● Supports multiple simultaneous connections.
● It is easy to use, only three configuration parameters must be entered.
● Real-time statistics and connection status can be displayed clearly.
● The program saves user data such as personal settings, user name and password.
● The program supports websites where HTTPS (encrypted) is used.
● Provides a variety of security options such as certificate generation and management, export/import OpenVPN configuration and PKCS12 file management.

Portable version of the Securepoint SSL VPN Client.
The installer package is about 6 MB and includes the Securepoint SSL VPN Client for Windows, registry keys, and the OpenVPN configuration files.
The portable version (named ShieldSSL), which is stored on your hard drive, is much smaller, about 2 MB, and is configured for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista and offers all the same features of the full version.
The Portable Version of Securepoint SSL VPN Client includes the following settings:
● network settings from the original installation.
● data encryption settings from the original installation.
● selected OpenVPN configurations from the original installation.
● Path to downloaded certificates from the original installation.

Securepoint SSL VPN Client Crack + Keygen Full Version PC/Windows

Download the Securepoint SSL VPN Client and instructions
If you’re using this product on a router, connect to the VPN first
Normally, the VPN server must be pre-configured to be able to use the connection. Please ensure that the server you’re connecting to is reachable.
If you can’t connect to the server, contact us at [email protected].
1. Click on Setup_VPN and select the destination file. Or, if you have the version installed on your laptop, double-click on the file to launch the client immediately.
Be sure to click on “Skip Listening” in the first window, before clicking on “Close”.

For Windows, this usually is located in C:\Program Files\Securepoint

Securepoint SSL VPN Client Activator Free

● VPN support:
– Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android
– Over 30 countries
● Tunnel with internet
– VPN solution is very easy to use
– Only use one VPN server, it can secure for all networks
– Secure Country VPN
– Full-featured in terms of client VPN
● Secure traffic in VPN
– No leak of local traffic
● No need to login and logout
– No need to modify the firewall
– Easy configuration (1 click)
– no need to modify the Firewall and network settings
● User-friendly management system
– User name, password
– Multiple users, simultaneous connections
● For IOS device
– VPN in China, Russia, North Korea
– Support Android device, IP address, port access
● Dashboard provides live chat.
– Support to chat with customer service
● Seamless Linux, Windows, Android, Mac OSX login
– Including highly optimized VPN browsing experience
● Company-specific data, like users name, admin name, admin password, PKCS12 password, HTP proxy and HTTP proxy password are all AES encrypted.
● Securepoint SSL VPN Client Features
○ Support.
○ Suitable for both personal and Enterprise.
○ All the other VPN services can be used along with the Securepoint SSL VPN Client.
○ End-to-end encryption
○ Auto update.
○ 8 different type of Windows.
○ Double-AES encryption algorithm.
○ Support for all browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and many others.
○ You can choose between UDP or TCP Tunneling.
○ It can be used on a company network without any problems.
○ Unblock the Chinese or other restricted websites.
○ Top 3000 unlimited websites, but you can adjust them to your needs.
○ No more technical skills.
○ It is licensed for 1 year, after that you can renew your license for 99$ for one year.
○ Support for more than 10,000 users.
○ Support for Mobile phones, Tablet, PC, SmartWatch, SSH, FTP, Https.
○ Most softwares support it.
○ No need to modify your firewall or router.
○ Free to use for personal use.
○ Free to use for business.
○ Separate our server and VPN and 3

What’s New in the Securepoint SSL VPN Client?

– Open source
– Multilingual software (German, English, French, Spanish)
– Usually fits on the SSD or a USB-stick
– Can be open on Windows, Mac and Linux
– Supports Windows, Mac and Linux
– Windows / Mac / Linux Binary and source code
– Encrypts all data (streaming, packets etc)
– Forwarding of local packets and data when connected to a remote VPN client
– No setup necessary, VPN password is stored locally for the last used connection
– Supports multiple simultaneous connections
– Sends control messages like VPN login request, failover and disconnect notice to the system tray
– Manages the Windows firewall
– Incoming and outgoing NAT routing
– Client modules:
– per-connection Settings
– Encryption of Internet Traffic
– Encryption of client data
– Server configuration:
– Dedicated firewalls
– NAT over OpenVPN and PPPoE
– HTTP Proxy support
– Port forwarding through the VPN tunnel
– DNS lookups
– Failover and disconnect notice support
– Client to client communication support
– User authorization
– Multiple simultaneous connections
– Disconnect notice support
– User authentication support
– PKCS12 password support
– User data encryption support
– Multiple VPN clients support
– Application VPN support
– Windows system tray icon
– TLS based (TLS 1.0 / SSL 2.0 / TLS 1.1 / SSL 3.0)
– Certificate based (leaf certificates and intermediate certificates)
– EAP-TLS based
– IDN support
– Automatic online / offline detection
– No server to server traffic
– Allows to circumvent data leakage and personal data sharing while browsing the web.
– Portable users (USB stick, SD card or hard disk)
– Comes with support for Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or XP
– Free software
– Open source
– Runs on Mac and Linux
– Startbox add-on is included
– Good for both personal and corporate use
– Native Apple iPhone / Android app
– Works on iOS (from version 4.0) and Android (from version 2.3)
– 5 MB install size
– Multiple simultaneous connections (up to 10)
– Can be used for circumventing Internet censorship
– Fast and easy to use
– No special services, like account registration or manual setup required
– Uses IPsec for encryption
– Extremely secure
– 100% OpenVPN compatible

System Requirements For Securepoint SSL VPN Client:

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