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Having an active Internet connection enables you quite a variety of activities, and provides a lot of flexibility. For instance, you and your entire team can use a FTP server to transfer files of interest, just so you don’t fill up your computer with workflow data. As such, Send To FTP is a reliable tool which lets you upload multiple files to FTP.
Can integrate in the Send To context menu
A cool thing about it is that it doesn’t take you through a setup process to ensure functionality, which means it’s good to go from the moment download is done. This also makes it possible to have it stored on a removable storage device so that it’s always ready to be used, regardless of the computer you’re working on.
As the name might suggest, one of the application’s core features is to create a new entry into the context menu Send To item. This makes it possible to get files ready for upload directly from the Explorer window, without having to go through complex steps or operations, but you still need to configure where they go.
Only possible to upload files
It’s also possible to use the application with its own menu and configure files from its window. New entries can be created here, either be dropping items of interest over the window, or relying on the browse dialog. When details are configured, you can test connectivity to prevent running into any errors.
Needless to say that you need to fill in connection details, such as host address, port, credentials, as well as the full path to the location of new files to be delivered. A timeout value can be set, whether or not to include subfolders, run in passive mode, and whether to abort session on transfer failure.
On an ending note
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Send To FTP is a simple way of beaming files to a FTP server of choice. Although you can’t download files from the server, it’s method of approach, especially the context menu integration, make it a reliable tool overall.









Send To FTP Product Key Full Free PC/Windows [Latest 2022]

One of the application’s core functions is to include an entry in the Send To context menu, where you can have files ready for upload. An explorer window will be filled in with the file path and items of interest, ready for uploading. Send To FTP can be used to configure files based on information presented in the dialog, which can make it more convenient to have files ready for delivery.
FTP server location or address is identified, and supported protocols are also listed. Other settings include how to behave, whether to run in passive mode and what to do if it fails to transfer files in a timely manner.
Little settings
A very minor drawback of the application is that you need to go through the settings to change stuff. Having to accept license, as well as the minor end settings is a pain, especially when you have a lot of things to configure. However, it’s very unlikely you’ll be forced to change anything, and if something does go wrong, you can always try again.

Send To FTP 4.0 is a rather straight-forward app designed to enable you to upload files to a reliable FTP server with only two clicks. Which it achieves quite successfully, allowing you to upload up to 5 files at a time, and change settings before sending.
Even though it’s pretty basic in what it does, we suggest using it, especially if you want to upload files to an FTP server. Don’t get us wrong, we’d rather have used something a little more complex, but we have come across websites which actually *want* to send files directly without you having to go through a massive process.
So using Send To FTP is an excellent solution to get files uploaded with just a single click, and we still think it’s worth the price tag.
Main functions
Our biggest gripe with Send To FTP is that it’s a very small app, and requires an add-in to work. This add-in is included in the App, and you can download and install that straight away.
Once the add-in is installed and the app is launched, you’ll be presented with a window with few options. The right hand side has two pull down menus where you can configure the FTP server and what to do when Send To FTP fails to upload.
Your FTP address is one of the options presented and you can choose to keep it anonymous or not. If you do want to keep your IP address secret,

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– Create new entries into the Windows Explorer Send To context menu
– Can work with files on removable storage, and integrate with FTP servers through standard input
– Do Not Save FTP Password in Secure Desktop
– As a part of FTP Server integration, if authentication fails, an error message is displayed
– Download and upload on a single click
– Ability to use in both safety and test modes
– Provide robust logging
– Allows you to access and send files stored on the cloud
– Supports most standard FTP servers
– Integrated with Windows Explorer context menu by default

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Send To FTP Activation Code With Keygen

Send To FTP is a simple application which allows you to transfer files to a FTP server easily. It’s a free tool which comes with a lot of very useful features that you can utilize. Send To FTP should make it very easy to transfer files to FTP server by using the Windows Explorer context menu. However, the application doesn’t work with other protocol than FTP.

Send To FTP features

The application supports regular FTP transfers as well as the ability to create new entries in the context menu when the Send To item is selected. You can also perform file transfers with the integrated files, but it doesn’t support file downloads.

The application allows you to specify the FTP host address, port number, credentials, the connection mode, as well as the timeout values. You can also add multiple files and folders, you can include subfolders, and run the transfers in passive mode.

The application also has an integrated components store, allowing you to download and install additional features. You can install FTP and FTP Pro, FTP extension, FTP Console, FTP Web Console, FTP Advanced, and FTP Command Console.

After you install the application you can right-click on any file in Windows Explorer, choose Send To FTP, and you can specify details of the FTP transfer easily.

Send To FTP release history


The application was tested and reviewed to prove that it’s useful.


Development and testing of the application commenced as early as 2011, as the first version was completed.


The application was created, and in some forms was published.

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Send To FTP is a free file transfer tool that’s a part of the Send To menu. It allows you to send multiple files to a FTP server – quickly and easily. Just select files or folders from Explorer’s list and Send To FTP will do the rest. If you have configured a folder path, Send To FTP will create subfolders as needed – no need to have the FTP server available through the “sites and folders” section. Add a folder path if you don’t have a specific folder path. If you have more than one account on the FTP server, you can use any of them. If you’re using a folder path, there is no need to specify the path to the actual server location as Send To FTP will automatically fill in the server path. Send To FTP can also be set to use a connection timeout, if you want to add an automatic abort command if connection fails. Send To FTP can be set to run in passive mode – this is useful if you already have an existing connection to the FTP server. For the best performance, it is recommended that you enable Passive Mode. If you have enabled Passive Mode, you can close your existing connection to the FTP server and Send To FTP will automatically open a new connection to the FTP server. You can optionally provide your FTP account credentials to Send To FTP. If you have a shared folder, Send To FTP will add the folder to the FTP server, in its root location. You can select multiple files or folders and Send To FTP will send them to the FTP server, in the same manner as an email attachment. In this case, one file can be sent per email.

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System Requirements:

Windows PC
Mac OS X
Access to the Internet
A working PC with at least a Pentium IV or equivalent
Resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher
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