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Benchmarks are considered to be targeting enthusiasts only, but anyone can get one and run it in order to assess the true power of their computer's hardware. Alongside CPUs, motherboards, storage devices or memory, video card adapters benchmarks are the top-line of the business. While games and renowned benchmarking software such as 3DMark remain the best choices, you can also try some particular programs like AquaMark, FurMark or ShaderMark.
Usable by all levels of experience
This program was born to fulfill the need of a native, untouched HLSL pixel shader benchmark in the VGA industry. Moreover, ShaderMark is the first pixel shader / shader model 3.0 to reach the market. While its interface may look a bit techie, leaving the default parameters set is to way to go no matter the knowledge that you possess. This way, you can be sure that you get those results that you can later share and confront within the community.
Get details for every shader
Also, by running the benchmark at default values you gain access to the 'Picture Quality Mode' that calculates MSEs (Mean Square Error) for every shader. This is done by comparing the Microsoft Reference Rasterizer with your card's rasterizer. As a side note, smaller values mean better results in this case. ShaderMark provides support for shaders up to 3.0, sRGB textures or gamma correction through DAC or frame write.
Various rendering settings
There are three settings categories covering 'Adapter and device', 'Display mode' and 'Device', with the first one allowing you to choose from your available display adapters (usually only one option here) as well as the 'Render Device'. The second section provides access to 'Adapter Format', 'Resolution' and 'Refresh Rate'.
Choose options for the test to run
Last but not least, the third area opens the gates to selecting the 'Back Buffer Format', 'Depth/Stencil Buffer Format', 'Multisample Type / Quality', 'Vertex Processing' or 'Present Interval'. Once you hit the 'Run' button, the screen will go black while the textures and shaders are loaded. You will be presented with an OSD that summarizes the available options.
Clever support for hotkeys
Navigating the environment is done with the aid of the keyboard and mouse, while changing the shaders or entering the benchmark / picture quality mode have specifically assigned hotkeys. You can also choose to turn light motion, HDR or shadow map on or off, change gamma level, HDR light level, precision or shader version. The results of the benchmark and the picture quality are generated into text files and not displayed on the screen at the end of the process.
To end with
In conclusion, while not being one popular video benchmarking application, ShaderMark's position in Softpedia's Benchmark category has been reached through its features and the fact that it sports a broad range of tests and options. It delivers the expected set of tools to get the utmost from your video card's HLSL capabilities next to the achieved benchmark results that you can discuss with your fellow benchmarkers.








No matter if you are a beginner or a veteran programmer, ShaderMark Crack For Windows is ready to get you in the hands of your latest video card. The program features hundreds of tests and settings for shader model 3.0 / GPGPU rendering. Users can now begin to benchmark their graphic cards without the need of having to worry about the installation process or other technicalities. This means that it is ready for anyone to try.

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ShaderMark Crack License Code & Keygen Download

Price: 14.99
Developer: Softpedia, 2013
License: Freeware
System requirements:
PC OS: Windows 7 and later
Size: 13.8 MB

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What’s New In?

ShaderMark is the first and only pixel shader / shader model 3.0 benchmark.
The program was born to fulfill the need of a native, untouched HLSL pixel shader benchmark in the VGA industry. This means that ShaderMark is not a software developed for marketing or promotion purposes, it's pure and simple.
With ShaderMark, you are able to run benchmarks up to shader model 3.0 in a native environment with a Microsoft HLSL reference rasterizer.
ShaderMark is also the first and only program capable to benchmark the shader performance, quality and features from the new windowing system (desktop, windowed modes).
With the help of the 'Picture Quality Mode', you can choose between 'High Quality', 'Medium Quality' or 'Low Quality' and analyze the results. There is also support for a maximum of three shaders and a maximum resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160).
The GPUBenchmark benchmark is supported as well, with the aim to provide a reliable information and measures of the overall graphic power of your PC.
Both benchmarks are provided in less than 1GB of space, with ShaderMark coming to around 1GB and GPUBenchmark at around 1.1GB.
While you are able to change the rendering mode from OSD to manual, the benchmarks use in-game controls. This allows you to improve and maintain your system by checking the impact of possible settings (e.g. resolution, shader model, etc) on the benchmarks, as well as letting you compare and spot your GPU performance in details.
These reviews, together with the latest benchmark and hardware figures in the form of a simple summary, are available from inside the game.
When you compare to the standard benchmarks, ShaderMark is a powerful tool for gaming enthusiasts.
What's New
In this version, ShaderMark 1.0 comes in a single package and includes a user friendly and intuitive interface.
The interface has been completely redesigned and it now includes three sections:
'Data', where you can select and set the rendering mode, windowed or fullscreen, the resolution, shader model, texture and color buffers format, present interval, depth and stencil buffer format, depth and stencil buffers and a special field to check out the graphics quality.
'Settings', where you can set the benchmark parameters, including the frame rate, monitor refresh rate, change from displaying the results in text to displaying them on the screen, and all other options.
'Results', where you can compare the results and their details of

System Requirements For ShaderMark:

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Android 2.3.2, and the other Android 2.3.x builds as well, is available as a


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