Jun 2022
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Shams Al Maarif Pdf Download


2: Illumination of Knowledge [Hardcover] Ahmad Al-Buni (Author) Description of the Book This is volume 2, a continuation of the original Shams al-ma’arif manuscript. We continue to share our impressions about it, because, having finished reading the first volume, we fully appreciate the opportunities that the new edition opens up. The success of the first volume was due to the fact that it was dedicated to highlighting the understanding of the science of God and His creations. It was in it that we presented the consideration of the issues under consideration, paying special attention to the most developed and complex ones. It was these questions that allowed us to show the structure of science as a whole, with the allocation of various sections, the presentation of their relationship and sequence, and also to reveal the role of science and various sciences in the formation of knowledge. Much attention was paid to the discussion of research methods and the disclosure of concepts, one way or another related to the theory of knowledge. The interconnection of ethical and physical problems put us in a difficult position. However, we did not stop looking for solutions to them, and since that time the number of problems has been constantly increasing. To help the reader, we have created a series of articles under the general title “Summary of Islamic Science”. This book provides an overview of modern scientific research and primary sources, including new translations. Unfortunately, so far it has not been possible to cover most of the issues on the agenda, some of them have been left aside for unknown reasons, which will be corrected in the future. Based on these modern studies, a book was written.
In this volume, we bring to the attention of the reader a new edition of the original text of Shams ad-Din Al-Banna’s commentary on the Qur’an. The commentary presents material that highlights the most subtle and controversial places that can make a lot of confusion in the work of reputable scientists involved in translations from the languages ​​of the world and other issues. We will also describe the most significant works of scholars who have left their mark on the interpretation of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, and their discussion regarding the importance of the supposed transmission of Muhammad’s prophethood. In the first part of the book, the book deals with issues related to soteriology: how to interpret the creation of man in the Bible and what the world after death consists of. The second part is devoted to many examples of various books and works that tell about the soul and its path. The third part deals with the dispute between historians and theologians, giving an idea of ​​the importance of scientific research in terms of establishing the degree of reliability of the Qur’an.
The main part is devoted to the interpretation of history and literary work. Here we have examined in detail the work of Ibn Ha






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