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7 “Dynamic Disk Extender” is a software utility designed to help users troubleshoot problems that occur with dynamically expanding, lagging, or suddenly stopping the performance of a NTFS drive.
Tool created to fix problems with dynamic disks
Fully dynamic disks are more convenient for users as they expand to take up more space as needed without locking on an exact size or triggering an error. However, dynamically expanding disks can cause problems for Windows, Windows Server, and other computer applications due to the NTFS layer protecting valuable data. For example, if a NTFS volume reaches its maximum size, the NTFS files are locked, and any attempts to write data would fail. The same thing happens if the volume is freed up. Errors can occur as well, even if dynamic disks are enabled.
Dynamic Disk Extender software was developed to solve these problems. It can be used to enable or disable the dynamic feature on a NTFS partition. It can also be used to reset the NTFS volume to a fixed size, or to avoid Windows crashing when the disk expands. The tool is a multi-threaded program based on the Windows API that can be used to fix NTFS problems. It works by configuring the maximum size of a volume through a config file.
Extending the maximum disk size
Dynamic Disk Extender can be used to prevent data loss due to a dynamically expanding NTFS partition. For example, a user might want to stop a 100 GB partition because the space occupied by the dynamic disk makes it difficult to use the NTFS partition.
If the maximum size of the NTFS partition is set to 30 GB, Dynamic Disk Extender can be used to change that to 50 GB, and expand the NTFS partition.
Disk is expanded, but data is not lost
Dynamic Disk Extender can work to expand a dynamically expanding NTFS volume up to the maximum size. This will prevent the data currently stored on the drive from being lost. When expanded, the number of partitions and the space allocated to each one stays the same.
The software can be used to increase the maximum disk space on an NTFS disk to avoid data loss due to unexpected increases or decreases in the disk size. By configuring the maximum size of the partition in the config file, Dynamic Disk Extender can also protect the valuable data stored on the partition. You can choose to prevent data loss on a dynamically expanding NTFS disk or make it possible for the N

SoftDisc Crack + Free

The interface is simple. It consists of two parts: managing storage devices, and getting started.

All the most common tasks are available on the first screen. After having performed a task, you can proceed to the second screen with a complete set of tools.

There are two tabs: basic tools and operations.

The first tab provides tools related to CD-ROMs. There are two models: “CD-ROM physical drive” and “CD-ROM virtual drive.” If you click on the second tab (“CD-ROM drive,” “CD-ROM” — “CD-RW,” “CD-RW/CD-R,” “CD-ROM in Windows,” “CD-ROM drive,” “CD-R,” “CD-RW,” “CD-R,” “CD-R/RW” — “CD-RW,” “CD-R drive,” and “Disc Burner”), you will see the system’s main configuration.

Current Disk Access List:

Using the current selection, you can configure a small tool or a large program. It is possible to change the size of the window and the opacity. The current window can be enlarged and placed on the left or right side of the screen.

The main features of the list include:



Current selected drive

Position (left or right)

The right click menu opens a small program that enables users to rename, move or copy selected disks to the CD/DVD device.

Disk Configuration:

Users can configure the model of the selected CD/DVD device. If the selection is correct, you can configure the burning speed and the size of the disk.

A burn key is located on the top right corner of the window. When you press the key, the simulation mode is disabled. When you press the key again, the simulation mode is enabled.

It is possible to simulate CD-Rs with the program. The standard quality is the recommended setting.

A typical DVD is 800MB in size. However, in the case of a disk emulator, it is important to analyze the size of the disk and configure the size of the disk appropriately.


It is necessary to choose

SoftDisc Crack+ Activation Code With Keygen

Generate, edit and burn Disc images
SoftDisc provides you with a simple solution for creating disc image files. You can use the application to create disc images, from any CD or DVD source, like ISO, BIN, NRG, or IMG file formats.
Highlights of SoftDisc
The program lets you associate your disk with any file name that you want, and add extra information to the image, e.g. to append an e-mail address or your name to any file name.
Supported image types
Whether your CD image file is in ISO format or not, you can include any extra information related to the image with SoftDisc. Furthermore, you can do the same for DVD images.
What’s more, SoftDisc enables you to combine two or more disk images into one, as well as turn a DVD movie into a DVD image file.
To create discs, you have various options:

Burn with BIN and NRG images

Burn disc images that already exist in ISO and BIN formats

Burn disc images from USB flash drives

Burn disc images from old CDs and DVDs

Support for AVI

Users can also choose from among several language options, choose which mirror sites will be used for download, or turn on the Internet connection for immediate access to updates and upgrades.
Other SoftDisc features
You can:

Drag and drop to copy any file on the CD image

Create ISO images from any CD or DVD image type (e.g. BIN, NRG, and IMG)

Burn disc images from USB flash drives

Choose from several file reading options while creating a disc

Burn disc images from old CDs and DVDs

Apply protection to any CD or DVD image

Set the size for the virtual CD image

Burn disc images to CD/DVD discs

Add a virtual CD image to the Windows start-up menu

Add disc images to image collection

Package size: 2.00 MB

SoftDisc – 12/16/2007 13:10







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What’s New
This release of SoftDisc brings with it some performance improvements and added features.
You can now quickly move between disks to continue working on the one you currently have open, and

What’s New in the?

When you want to make a copy of your Windows CD/DVD onto your hard drive, you might need to run software called a CD/DVD Burner that will make the process simple. However, not all of these drives perform equally as some turn out to be too slow while others struggle to give you the results you want.

Cue SoftDisc.

This burning software comes with three main features that you can use to make the transfer of data to the hard drive from the CD/DVD as simple as possible – clean image creation, converting disc images to.ISO and.IMG files, and converting CD images to.BIN files.

Part of the program’s clean design is that it has been built with the Windows Interface, making it easy for everyone to use. But does it really do all these functions all in one package?

Converting Disc Image Files to.ISO
First things first. How can you convert a CD/DVD image file to an ISO file? Well, the process is simple. First, you need to choose the drive of the CD/DVD you have attached to your computer, next choose the new file name you want to use for the disc, and then simply click the Add button.

There are two options available in this window – “Image Type” and “Output”. “Image Type”, as you can see, allows you to either select “Binary” or “ISO”. “Output” lets you to select “CD/DVD Drive”, “Burn Image to CD/DVD”, or “Convert Image to ISO”.

If you choose “Binary”, a small window will pop up where you can enter the exact path to the disc image file you want to convert to.ISO.

If you choose “ISO”, the next window will ask you to choose the drive you want to burn the image to.

The final step is to choose the file format you want from the drop-down list – or if you want to convert to a different format, such as.IMG or.NRG, use the “Convert Image to X” drop-down and select the format you want to convert to.

Creating a New Image from an Existing Disc
Is it really that simple to create a new image from an existing disc? Of course it

System Requirements:

Windows OS: Windows XP/Vista
Windows OS: Windows 7/8/8.1
System requirements
To play Doom III, your system should meet the following minimum requirements:
Windows XP
Intel Pentium 4
Intel Pentium II
Intel Celeron
Intel Core i3
CPUs from AMD
ATI Radeon 9800 XT or higher
ATI Radeon 4850 or higher
AMD Radeon 9700 or higher
Nvidia Geforce


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