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Superfake License Key X64 2022

The first of our “Super” collection, Superfake offers you the possibility to enhance the sounds produced using your preferred synthesizer by faking the sound of Roland’s legendary Supersaw.
Adding the ability to detune the voices of your favorite synthesizer makes Superfake a workhorse for producers who have the need to create complex and unique effects.

All of these signals will be distorted by a state-of-the-art convolution process using the 4-channel processing method already available in the synthesizer itself, and a real-time analyzer will allow you to visualize the results of the processing as usual, thus making it possible to not only understand how the effect works but also to test its effect yourself.
The signature synthesizer voice that you can even use as a lead voice can be tuned for each channel and for a total of six channels, and Superfake adds the possibility to add detuned sounds to the stereo field that make it perfect for the use of the effects.
The stereo field can even be widened using this algorithm, meaning that Superfake can become a true multi-effect in a small box.
Superfake is a package containing the synthesizer and the effect that will be compatible with the majority of synthesizers that use 4-channel processing and that supports faking sounds.
This also makes this an invaluable tool for the editor, where Superfake can be used to process a single line of audio and easily load an effect and make it live for the user’s listening pleasure.
– Possibility to detach a single voice from the synthesizer for use as a lead voice
– 6 detuned voices to add to the stereo field
– Complete manual that includes 30 exercises to make you familiar with the interface and reveal the uses of each feature
– Integration of the signature voice to create a lead voice
– Detuned stereo field
– Option to disable stereo field
– Detuned sound matrix
– Detuned stereo field matrix
– Detuned sound matrix option to disable
– Option to disable sound matrix
– An option for each sound
– Two option for resonance
– An option for velocity
– Adjustable speed option
– Option to mute or stop all detuned soundsQ:

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Superfake Crack With License Key

Superfake Free Download is a fake or sound faker. It processes the output of the Roland SC-50, PM5, PM7, MS20 and V50.
It emulates not only the sounds produced by the synthesizers of the “bad” category, such as the Super Saw (SC-50), the Pentatonic Super-Phaser (PM5), the Monophonic Super Phaser (PM7), the SC5 (MS20) and the Keyboard (V50), but also of the “good” category, such as the Super Harmonizer (V50), the Super Space Echo (V50), the Super Lead (V50), the Super Phaser (V50) and the Pulse Organ (V50).
Superfake is the result of a very creative reinterpretation of the sound of some synthesizers, in particular the SC-50.


“This plugin is a natural progression in my process of composing with different types of sound. It has created an enormous amount of interest and I cannot wait to use it more.” – Henry Bishop

“I have always been a big fan of the sound and softwares, of the Roland synthesizers. Superfake has now made me a new live, really a new player in my work.
After that, of course, the good organic sound of the softwares, to be able to modulate the sound of two sounds at once, will be very interesting to me to control the properties of the sound separately, that is, not directly to produce an “orgy” of sounds.

I can now imagine how much detail Roland had with the sounds of many of these synthesizers.
Thank you again Roland for all these releases, a real piece of hardware and software art!

I love the concept behind Superfake and the sound it produces. It sounds very organic. I am looking forward to playing with it and modulating the sounds. I use it on my PM5 all the time, it sounds great.

great idea, but I’m only able to use on my SynthStation, but will definitely buy if it works with midi/soft synth.

6th July 2012


Superfake: A Stereo Sound Faker
I don’t know if this works or not, but I tried with a vocals sample(Amina Assal) and my Roland V50 and it worked

Superfake Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code (Latest)

Tired of the synthetic sounds coming out of your synthesizers? Faking the sound with a well-equipped audio interface and gain control will be your answer. Superfake plug-in lets you mix real sound from your own bass, guitar, or even drums, with the sounds from your synthesizer: adding up-front effects, click-y and switchy sounds, in order to change the sonority of your synthesizer sounds.
The controls are very simple and intuitive: just place the fakenes in the left and right stereo panorama for the desired effect. If you find it hard to control the amount of the fakeness, you can drag the slider inside the interface. Superfake will mimic the preset sound with variable controls, thus offering you a real total control over the sound.

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What’s New in the Superfake?

– [..]
The very first version included just two voices, but there is already a third version, that has been extended with six more voices.
Superfake currently supports a wide variety of synthesizers like the Roland JX-8P, JX-10P, Minimoog Voyager, Jupiter-8, Juno-60, U-110, U-81 and U-163, plus all variants of the JV-1080.
Using Superfake you can take advantage of an enhanced selection of sounds, which are produced by the controller and played through the synth.
If you have forgotten what synthesizers you own, or if you simply want to explore the sounds of your instrument – Superfake will help you out!

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