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TCP Soft Router Crack+ Free [32|64bit]

TCP Soft Router is a small windows application, for connecting remote device over TCP/IP network.
Software Features:
– TCP/IP communication
– Remote device control/communication
– Bidirectional audio communication for remote device
– Screen capture of remote device
– ASCII/Dot-matrix printer with device control interface
– USB/Serial port control
– Telnet/HTTP interface for remote device control
– After install, be sure to add this application as your startup application
How to Install:
– Windows 98SE, 2000, 2003
– Download files from  
– Run TCPSoftRouter.exe and it will run as a service in background
– Click on “Change status” under “Startup”
– Set “Service” and “Priority” to “High”
– Set “Account” to “LocalSystem”
– Set “User Name” to ” * ” (space between)*
– Click ok
How to use:
– To connect to Windows remote device, use “HTTP” interface
– Example: “” (IP, port) or “” (domain name, port)
– New installation requires admin password
– After installation, be sure to add this application as your startup application
TCP Soft Router Full Version:

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TCP Soft Router Crack + [Mac/Win]


The TCP Soft Router application is a service that listens on a single port for TCP
traffic and delivers this traffic to a listener for further routing. The router does
not handle the TCP connection setup or tear down. The flow of packets from one end
to another is performed by the TCP and IP components of the operating system and
the application listens for packets from the operating system.

TCP Soft Router has been designed to provide three core features
of user driven applications to make the networking work be end user for the TCP
traffic routing process:

– a friendly user interface
– automated routing process
– support for management through telnet and http
– support for updating routing table through telnet or http

The router includes an internal routing table that lists the IP addresses of the
listeners on the server. This routing table is stored inside the TCP Soft Router
service binary. As TCP connections are setup, the router looks for the IP address
of the listening listener.

The TCP Soft Router application is designed to be used by smaller network
environments as a layer in the TCP layer. The router needs to be installed on a
server with TCP/IP stack drivers installed and an IP connection to localhost.

How To Install & Run:

This section is for systems that have IP connections to localhost on their

1. Obtain the Sources
2. Build & Install
3. Run

Source Install:

1. Go to the src directory.
2. Open Install.bat.
3. Follow the instructions from the installation guide.

If you have multiple servers running, install “SoftTCPSRv.exe” to each
server on your local machine.

Also, when you install the software, provide the interface port number
that you want to use, which is defaulted at 17000.

Build & Install:

1. Open the Visual Studio Command Prompt and change to the c:\SoftTCPSRv\src directory.
2. Open Build.bat.
3. Follow the instructions from the installation guide.


1. Run the SoftTCPSRv.exe application.
2. Open

Run the Configuration Utility.

To use the configuration utility:

TCP Soft Router Crack + License Key Full

TCP Soft Router is a small program that sits between TCP connections and is intended to be a TCP Router.
TCP is a packet-based protocol used on the internet. A TCP connection allows two hosts to exchange data in the form of packets.
Each packet is sent at a time, with a pre-determined size.
Hosts that exchange packets also exchange acknowledgements, which allow each host to be assured that it has received the data.
TCP has a number of features that make it useful for many network applications:
• Addresses.
• Timeouts.
• Asynchronous reading.
• Nagle’s algorithm.
• Packet fragmentation.
• Window based congestion control.
• Flow control.
• Keepalive.
• Appropriate message types.
• Procedures for TCP connection establishment and termination.
Slight modifications to TCP can provide a means for:
• Simple routing without the need for IP routing.
• Private network to public network connectivity.
• Network security as a side effect.
• Lower TCP handshake load for network application support.
The TCP Soft Router provides such benefits by allowing hosts to simply exchange packets with each other, without the need for IP routing.
TCP Soft Router has been designed to be flexible enough to support many applications

Sample Programs

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

In order to connect to an host on a TCP connection, the client first attempts to obtain a connection. This is referred to as a handshake.
In the handshake process, the client and host generate TCP Segments and acknowledge each other’s segments.
After the handshake, the client and host will exchange information such as the ports they are on, protocols they are intended to use, and the general level of trust between the parties.
Once this trust is established, the connection can be fully established.
When the connection is established, the flow control is set on.
The flow control is a mechanism to allow a sender to pause or stop transmission if the receiving host (TCP receiver) is slow in acknowledging the transmission.
TCP has three sources of flow control,
the TCP window size, the TCP congestion control and the TCP termination state.
TCP window size: is a size allocated by the TCP for the transfer of data.
TCP window size can be expressed in four different

What’s New In?

TCP Soft Router is a free software designed to help you route internet traffic from one network to another, based on port information and protocol information.

TCP Soft Router was originally designed and tested with a goal of running as a windows service with a scheduled startup and shutdown time of a few hours or more.
More details on this product are at  and more details on running the TCP Soft Router on windows can be found in.

I have updated the product and also added and modified source files, in order to provide some additional functionality or make the software more useful.

The source code files for the windows service version are in the folder  and the source code for the telnet and http versions can be found in the folder .

If you have other ideas on how to use this application, please don’t hesitate to contact me at  or email me.

TCP Soft Router updates:

To try the new version, simply unzip the zip file, and run the install.bat script.

As always I would like to thank all my sponsors:

Copieleft – Custom IP Address books, dynamic databases

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Previous donors included:

Burak Abis – Original development

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Donations are accepted using either bitcoin or litecoin,  
and I highly appreciate your support.

In addition to the above, I would also like to thank all my other sponsors that have been supporting me through this project:

Product donations go directly to

System Requirements For TCP Soft Router:

RAM: 1024 MB
A typical desktop computer will need 512 MB RAM for the game to run smoothly. However, an extreme system will run the game perfectly with over 1 GB of RAM. For best results, install the game on a separate hard drive from your operating system and keep other programs and games from using RAM. (If you are still having problems, then reducing the size of your game cache may help. Go to File > Open Cache File)
CPU: Intel Pentium III
Pentium II, Pentium II/III, or Cel


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