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The PCOD Thyroid Book is a step by step guide to empower you with the essential. On the other hand, now a days the same matter is also brought. The The PCOD Thyroid Book is a guide to empower you with.CAIRO: A Saudi man arrested for ‘causing deliberate damage’ and insulting Islam’s prophet Mohamed through his Twitter account is set to stand trial in Saudi Arabia.

The young man, identified as Mohammed Alqeraf by the newspaper al-Riyadh, was detained by airport officials in Riyadh on July 19 after he posted insulting tweets directed at the Prophet, according to a statement from the United Arab Emirates-based newspaper Gulf News.

An unspecified number of followers had reported the tweets to the authorities, Gulf News said, adding that the man had also updated his Twitter account with profanity and displayed a picture of Mecca, Saudi Arabia’s holiest city, with the Arabic word “Haram” scrawled on it.

“The tweets were in violation of basic standards of conduct,” the statement quoted an unidentified UAE official as saying.

“Under the kingdom’s strict Sharia law, insulting the Prophet Mohammad could lead to a death sentence.”

Gulf News reported that the suspect had a history of “extremist behavior” and had threatened to commit a terrorist act.

In Saudi Arabia, apostates can be executed.

There is no immediate word on whether Alqeraf’s case will be dealt with by a Saudi judge or in a Sharia court. Saudi Arabia has the strictest Islamic legal system in the world.

The Alqeraf case follows the arrest in April of an Egyptian man who was detained in Saudi Arabia for insulting Islam’s Prophet.

The individual, known only as Maher, was later released on bail.

Saudi Arabia has arrested several members of the Saudi Shia minority community for allegedly insulting the Prophet, and the country has been accused of blocking Twitter and other social media platforms for reporting the content.

The kingdom passed new cybercrime laws in May that set punishments for anyone found posting “material harmful to the reputation of others.”

The government has also imposed restrictions on the activities of non-governmental organizations, including mosques and relief groups.Digg fans looking for that last little licks of sweet joy before the bloodied carcass of the Internet carcass is buried


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