Jun 2022
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A computer provides a great deal of accuracy for every domain of activity it’s used in. Math is more than a suitable example in this regard, with the possibility to instantly generate results for complex expressions. However, specialized applications like Ultimate Calc are required to be able to perform such types of calculus.
Advantages of a portable app
A cool advantage, and great deal of flexibility is provided by portability. This allows you to carry the application on a thumb drive, and use it wherever needed. What’s more, this technique keeps the target’s computer’s registry entries clean, thus not having a real impact on the overall health status.
The application comes with three components, each found in its own tab. Individuals of all levels of experience can quickly get the hang of things, thanks to the intuitive overall design. The calculator is a bit more than meets the eye, both in terms of visuals, and functionality.
Scripts, and graph plotter
On the one hand, there are multiple sets of controls you can bring up the in form of panels. Sadly, faulty implementation doesn’t allow you to add more if one is active, and you need to remove all of them first. These include trigonometric functions, algebraic functions, decimal arithmetics, functions and braces, Boolean operators, and hexadecimal numbers.
Furthermore, the preview area isn’t your average type of field. Special functions come with dedicated edit fields for super, and subscript, making actual expressions look exactly like handwriting style.
Another method of calculus is through shell commands. Either in simple, or advanced mode, it allows you to run custom scripts to use custom techniques to get the job done. Last but not least, graph representation allows you to plot functions, with multiple slots for values, and expressions. The only thing missing here is the option to export results.
To end with
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Ultimate Calc is a powerful calculator, which allows you to generate results for custom expressions in multiple methods. The calculator itself is fitted with an impressive set of controls and preview area, while shell commands, and graph plotter provide even more flexibility in operations.







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You can count on Windows 10 applications like Corel PaintShop Pro 2017 to always be safe, even in the case of malware, and virus infections. In fact, we found that every single Windows 10 program is protected by multiple layers of anti-malware, and anti-virus features. Moreover, the application comes with a set of features that allow users to make sure there are no other programs eating up system resources, or changing system settings. The following are the primary features of Corel PaintShop Pro 2017.

Using Corel PaintShop Pro 2017

Like all other Windows 10 applications, PaintShop Pro 2017 is designed with a clean interface, and custom layouts that are tailored to each task. Nonetheless, you can use the default main features to create, edit, crop, and convert any format of images, including RAW, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF, and more.

On the left side of the window, you’ll find everything that is visible, from the history to the work space. Moving to the right side allows you to see a thumbnail of the original file, the image itself, and several tools for adjusting the image.

You can use filters, scripts, and other tools to make sure every adjustment is suitable. As a matter of fact, you can also perform various editing and adjusting tasks, and the program offers a set of exclusive tools for that.

Corel PaintShop Pro 2017 Features:

RAW Converter: Easily convert RAW images to JPEG, TIFF, or PNG, through the new RAW Converter. You can also use it to convert various RAW file formats to PIC and IGZ. Moreover, you can use the RAW Converter to convert images to TIF, BMP, GIF, and PCX.

Smart Tools: Use Smart Tools to draw curves, clip, vectorize, and to make curves and circles. You can also use the application to make a reverse or freehand vector, as well as use a stoke vector.

Layers: With the help of layers, you can combine multiple images into a single one. You can edit each layer separately, as well as alter their opacity.

File Sync: Use File Sync to keep the files you edit, safe, and ready to save. This option also provides you with a preview option.

Express Tools: Convert any format of images, into JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or GIF. You can even crop images using this

Ultimate Calc

* Runs shell scripts and executes external programs
* Unconditionally evaluates expressions
* Runs a macros collection from a given folder
* Uses environment variables like PATH, PWD, and others
* Support for German, French and English localizations
* User-defined macros
* Support for standard macros
User-defined Macros:
* Set a key to trigger the macro execution
* Activate the macro
* Enter the macro definition text
* Select a folder containing macros
* Open it
* Create/Run macro
* Close macro folder
* Close macro window
* Reset macro settings
* Open the main macros window
* Use a macro
* Select the macro to be run
* Select a macro variable
* Enter a new value for the macro variable
* Set a macro variable
* Save the macro
* Select the macro
* Reopen the main macros window
* Clear all macros
Standard Macros:
* Enter the current date and time
* Calculate the number of days
* Get the number of days between two dates
* Get the number of hours
* Get the number of minutes
* Get the number of months
* Get the number of seconds
* Get the number of weeks
* Get the number of years
* Get the percentage
* Calculate the number of decimals
* Reverse the number
* Get the length of a string
* Get the length of a number
* Get the number of characters
* Calculate the MD5 hash value
* Get the file size in bytes
* Get the file size in KB
* Get the file size in MB
* Get the file size in GB
* Get the file size in TB
* Get the file size in PB
* Get the file size in EB
* Get the number of strings
* Get the number of lines
* Get the number of words
* Calculate the intersection of two sets
* Calculate the difference of two sets
* Calculate the union of two sets
* Calculate the symmetric difference of two sets
* Calculate the count of sets
* Calculate the count of values
* Calculate the count of unique values
* Calculate the count of unique lines
* Calculate the count of unique words
* Calculate the count of unique lines of a text file
* Calculate the count of unique words of a text file
* Get the total of a value
* Get the minimum of a value

Ultimate Calc (Updated 2022)

Buy this app and be delighted with its features as it helps you make the most out of the RAM on your smartphone or tablet and even slows down the processor. The app will help you analyze the CPU’s usage and even tell you if the RAM is being used efficiently.
• Highlights all the activities that are being performed by your device.
• Provides you detailed information about which tasks are being performed the most and how much memory is being used.
• Allows you to know which apps are using the most RAM.
• Allows you to know if the RAM is being used efficiently or not.
• Allows you to have the app perform an instant analysis of the RAM usage of the phone.
• Gives you detailed information about the RAM usage on your device.
• Allows you to sort the apps by usage, and by size.
• Has a fully integrated help section to guide you throughout the app.
Why not install it now?


Version: 7.4.0


+ NEW: Performing instant memory analysis
+ NEW: Performing instant memory analysis
+ NEW: Read memory values of apps
+ NEW: Memory read values of apps
+ NEW: Total number of apps
+ NEW: About memory read
+ NEW: About total memory
+ NEW: Swiping to the left does not remove the memory usage summary
+ NEW: Dragging to the right removes the memory usage summary
+ NEW: Remove memory usage summary by dragging
+ NEW: Mute memory usage summary by dragging
+ NEW: Memory usage summary is removed by dragging it off screen
+ NEW: Mute memory usage summary by dragging it off screen
+ NEW: A new sound effects file has been added
+ NEW: The battery power and battery percentage are now displayed for the selected storage area
+ NEW: Sorting by name now works correctly
+ NEW: A new design has been added.
+ New: Due to the recent introduction of usage API, an app update is necessary. The app has been updated to version 7.4.0.
The users who downloaded Ultimate Calculator will be offered to update the app automatically. If you have not downloaded the latest update for the app, please check it now!
We would appreciate your feedback on any bugs you might find or feature requests that you might have. You can also find us on:

What’s New In Ultimate Calc?

Looking for a flawless app for all your calculus needs? If so, Ultimate Calc is the solution you have been searching for! It is the first and only Windows calculator that has been given the title of "Calculator of the Year". It is so popular and can be used by any math novice or professional. Also, you can use this calculator to perform super calculations, such as finding the area, volume, and perimeter of any shape or area, or the moment of inertia, just to mention a few!
Key Features:
• Unlimited usage in almost any program
• Allows you to convert any field to other units
• Allows you to perform various mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
• Can be used in almost any program
• Allows you to convert angles from degrees, to radians
• Provides several special formulas
• Provides a full-scale help file
• Uses standard arithmetic notation, but also allows for usage of scientific notation
• Can be used with no problem in compatibility mode
• Provides support for shell commands
• Allows you to create your own scripts
• Allows you to easily graph any function or expression
• Supports advanced graphing features, such as super, subscript, brackets, braces, separators, and more
• Includes multiple types of graphing
• Allows you to export results to text files
• Provides you with a list of all trigonometric and symbolic functions
• Allows you to control the expression alignment
• Provides you with multiple data types
• Allows you to create custom skins
• Supports numerous algebraic functions, including trigonometric functions
• Supports hexadecimal numbers
• Provides a user-friendly interface, with clean and clear settings
• Supports a full-scale help file
• Allows you to enter values for any data type
• Can graph any of the standard functions, including functions with arguments, and functions of any type
• Allows you to add any scripts
• Offers a preview mode, so you can see how the calculation will look
• Uses standard or scientific notation
• Uses the standard arithmetic notation

Sudden Simulator 2013

The event "Sudden Simulator 2013" takes place on April 29, 2013. This exciting event is a part of the "Passport to the Future" festival, which aims at offering a unique event for everyone, creating unforgettable memories for all the guests.
Key Features:
• Simulator for iOS devices
• The "Sudden Simulator 2013" festival will be

System Requirements For Ultimate Calc:

– CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-4130T @ 2.40GHz, or AMD equivalent
– RAM: 4GB
– OS: Windows® 7/8, or Mac® OS X 10.7 or 10.8
– DVD drive
– Network: Internet connection
– Headset
– Sound card
– Web browser: Firefox 3.6
– DVD-RW or DVD+RW drive
– SSD drive
– Other Notes:
– Please read our online FAQ before purchase


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