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Untitled – FAU Sun Art Center Blog


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NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lost power in three major Indian states including the capital on Monday, dealing a significant blow to his hopes of winning a third term next year and dealing a significant setback to his efforts to deepen ties with Pakistan.

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Based on that i created a batch file and use curl to create it’s file as below:-
curl -X POST -H “Content-type: application/octet-stream” –data-binary @C:/Users/jafkasif/Downloads/GofwsimPro.zip -k -v “”

and i downloaded the result as you see below:-
[remote] =>

[url] =>

[type] => file

[depth] => 1

[downloads] => 16

[size] => 855249

[timestamp] => 1599621668

[connect_time] => 0.000

[name] => FWSimPro.exe

[md5] => 061c4af2b5e55dde8ad3fd0b2381c5e2

[content_type] => application/octet-stream

[temp_path] => C:\Users\jafkasif\AppData\Local\Temp

The result don’t create mumbai thing
Please help me and tell me what i need to do to create file with docker.


[remote] =>

You are using a python script to upload to dockerhub. The above is just the raw direct link to GitHub which does not relate to any python script. I think the best approach here would be to find the python script, and upload that to your docker image, then point your batch to run that script.


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