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Vso Photodvd 4 !EXCLUSIVE! Crack Serial Keygen 41 🤘

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filter and map with same function

I have an array of objects:
let array = [{m_id:1},{m_id:2},{m_id:3},{m_id:4}]

What I need is to:

with filter, find and return an object with m_id = 1.

I’ve tried using filter but I don’t know how to make a difference between 1 and the rest.
My solution was to return the filtered object and then update it with a map function that searches for the element and updates the value with it.
let array = [{m_id:1},{m_id:2},{m_id:3},{m_id:4}];
let m_id_1 = array.filter(x => x.m_id === 1)
m_id_1.map(x => x.m_id = 1);

I was wondering if this is correct or there is a better approach to do this.


To update items of the array, use reduce instead.

let array = [{m_id:1},{m_id:2},{m_id:3},{m_id:4}];
let m_id_1 = array.reduce((acc, x) => {
x.m_id = 1;
return acc;
}, {});

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