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Welcome to Roblox!

Thanks for joining us! In this guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the best free online game site in the world!
If you’re like so many other kids on the internet, you’ve probably spent hours and hours building imaginary games and playing them with your friends.
We’re on a mission to bring you the best game site in the world: a place where you can have fun, create amazing games, and play with your friends.
Ready? Let’s make a game!
Part 1: Playing Roblox (01:38)
With over a billion visitors a month, Roblox is the largest game site around, and people from all over the world love to play on the site.
But even if you’ve never heard of Roblox before, you’ve probably still seen it before.
Video games are extremely popular today, and many people have had the chance to play a Roblox game before.
They’re often seen in Nintendo’s Super Mario games, like Super Mario Land 2 and Super Mario Galaxy 2, and even in Mario Party games like Mario Party 5.
You might have also seen a Roblox game in Disney’s Tangled, where Rapunzel invites the audience to play a Roblox game.
And of course, you’ll definitely recognize it if you’ve ever played Minecraft. Roblox and Minecraft share a lot of the same features, and you might have even seen a lot of them in the same game.
Roblox is not just video games, though.
We also have a big library of RPG games, where you’re given points and level up your character as you fight monsters,
explore various locations, and build your own city.
There are also a ton of building games where you can create your own houses and landscapes,
and turn your whole neighborhood into a living, breathing simulation.
Finally, we have a huge collection of racing games, where you can race your friends or compete against someone on our Worldwide Mode.
You can even battle against the computer in a variety of game types in the Roblox Battlezone.
Roblox even has an Anime game, where you can dress up as your favorite characters and go around fighting opponents.
Which category are you most excited to see?
Let’s start with the RPG genre!
In Roblox, you can create your own little fantasy world and roleplay with your friends, just


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