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The XArpG application provides a GUI (Graphical User Interface) version of network management small tools.
XArpG is a applied to the LAN environment, network management tools. GUI (Graphical User Interface) version of the XArpG and CUI (Character User Interface) version of the XArpC together form XArp tool suite.
XArpG to help network administrators to manage networks, resolving network problems. XArpG is base on IPV4 and Ethernet network. Such as PPPoE for ADSL is not currently supported; for other non-Ethernet network environment is also being not support it. Fewer people use IPV6 currently, so there is no program code for the IPV6 protocol in XArpG internal. Subsequent versions may consider increasing the IPV6 protocol processing.¡¡







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XArpG is a network management tool suite (NMTS) and is a tool suite in the class of network management tools, and it includes the tools for management network, such as ARP monitor, DNS server, Network sniffer and so on. It is the first version of XArp tool suite, and has following characteristics:
XArpG has the feature that allows to view, change, read the information in the network devices.
XArpG could control the work of network devices in the network.
XArpG can be used to read the information of network devices, configure work of the devices in the network.
XArpG has the ability to perform a variety of functions.
XArpG has the ability to control the work of network devices in the network.
The system achieves the following goals:
A method of solving network problems which can be resolved by using XArpG by solving networking problems as much as possible.
XArpG could manage network traffic, internal network devices, information and configuration, network management information.
XArpG to provide more stable network.
XArpG has the function of automatically perform standard operation by learning.
XArpG provides a graphical user interface network management information, simple operation.
XArpG to provide a network management of ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) which is not currently supported.
XArpG to provide a complete network management, which is effective to the network.
A method of forming XArpG software architecture:
a. XArpG has the ability to perform auto connection and auto identify.
b. XArpG has the ability to support types of protocol and IP versions.
c. XArpG has the ability to store and use configuration information related to information and other functions.
d. XArpG has the ability to control the work of network devices in the network.
e. XArpG has the ability to perform auto management and network management.
f. XArpG has the ability to manage network devices which frequently changing.
g. XArpG has the ability to manage work of network devices when the device generates the problem.
h. XArpG has the ability to perform dynamic protocol identification.
i. XArpG has the ability to dynamically obtain and modify the information of network devices in the network.
j. XAr

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Features and Description:

XArpG Cracked Version has a simple architecture. It uses private GK7 C++ library, this makes the code simple and easy to modify.
XArpG is used in the following two aspects.


Number of Nodes

For E911 and EZoom Database is very important, thus XArpG has a function that allows user to enter the Nodes that have to be included into a zone by hand or automatically by using a zone’s ID and the node’s node ID.

It also allows user to make IP subnet mask pattern. XArpG has additional DIP, DIN, DOP, DIP-IP, DIN-IP, DIP-DIN, DOP-IP, DOP-DOP and IP-IP network topology tools. Furthermore, it can export topology data to GIS and ESRI or SEG-YAML for saving to text file and XML for exchanging with other applications.

XArpG have two parts, the public part and the private part. The private part is an unique ID (user and group ID are used) for this program. It is used for the registration of user and group. If the registration is successful, the program has started the public part.

When the public part is running, if the user wants to access the private data, it will be required to use the group permission that has been defined. The user can configure it to use more than one ID if they wish.

You can register more than one group, and you can also register the group as group member.

This is also provided a useful function to modify or delete those groups that you wish to modify.

You can choose between IPV4 address, or IPv6 address. However, only IPV4 and Ethernet network are supported, but they are completely supported.

Also includes four kind of zone management functions

Address Related

Node Add

Node Delete

Zone Add

Zone Delete

Users have an option of selecting them by user and group or selecting the option of selection from a list.

In XArpG you can also use IPV6 and Ethernet protocols. However, currently only IPV4 and Ethernet are supported.

EZoom supports E911 and EZoom database, and can be used to model a geographical zone.

EZoom acts as

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XArpG is software utility that provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) version of network management tools, including Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) management tools, network device configuration tools, and LAN device management tools. It runs on Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 and XP. XArpG is developed by Network Automation Technology (Netautomation).


2/18/2010 – Version 3.1.0 is released.

1/13/2010 – Version 2.1.0 is released. Support for CUI and SILO.

1/09/2010 – Version 2.0.0 is released. Support for CUI and SILO.


1/09/2010 – XArpG has a simple test environment currently. Do you have a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) connection or ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line) connection on your computer? If so, is it bridged to the Internet? Both Internet and the DSL/ADSL connection should be well connected. Is your computer running Windows XP/NT/2000? If so, what version of Windows OS are you using? If not Windows OS, what OS are you using? If you are using a different OS, please let us know so we can make sure XArpG can run on your computer. Can you open a command prompt? If you are using XP/NT/2000, and you cannot open a command prompt, this is the main reason why XArpG cannot run. Windows NT/2000 requires user to type in domain login name and password. Do you have a static IP or dynamic IP? If you have a static IP address, please let us know. If you have a dynamic IP address, please let us know. If you have any other error that we did not answer correctly, please send me an email.

Usage in easy to use steps:

1. Download XArpG from SourceForge.net
2. Install XArpG from XArpG.inf
3. If your system is under NT or Win 2K, you need to run XArpG as administrator.
4. Run XArpG as user.
5. You will see the application window.
6. On the lower left panel, you will see the network connection status.
7. On the lower right panel, you can see the management information on your network

What’s New in the XArpG?

For solving networking problems, you must need to know the XArpG so you may resolve networks problems, testing and solving TCP problems.
The XArpG is the GUI version, the command line version is the XArpC. To make the XArpG combined to the XArpC, we need to write the program code for IPV4 and Ethernet network at one time.
XArpG have following 2 functionalities:

View mode
Resolve mode

View mode display the network detail and error icons, such as network usage, network status, network router, network interface detail, network delay, processing mode of network filtering, IP address, IP sub net, IP next hop, IP previous hop and IP TTL, etc.
Resolve mode provide tools such as arp lookup, tcp status, udp status, netstat, ping, ping reply, netcat and netcat reply.
The XArpG consists of two parts such as Edit mode, View mode and Resolve mode.
View mode : XArpG has the “display icon” and the “key icon”. Pressing the key icon may switch display mode or edit mode.
The function of the key icon is to display the graph or table display.
The function of the display icon is to switch display mode.
The network speed is slow, then you can’t see detail in the screen.
For more detailed information, please go to “XArpG Manual”.
To use the XArpG to manage network, please go to “XArpG Manual”.

The XArpG enable network interface correctly when it is a network interface use the WAN IP address.
Then the XArpG also enable network interface, then you need to add the IP address manually.
After the XArpG is running, you need to config IP address for xArpG network interface.
The WAN IP address is automatically detected by the XArpG program.
Then you can remove it.

You can configure IP address for many network interface in the XArpG.
You can find IP address of xArpG network interface in the XArpG.

Hera (Network Flag)

The Hera (Network Flag) is configured from the GUI.
Network Flag will be displayed on the network detail or error icons.
You can find Network Flag on the above icons.


System Requirements For XArpG:

OS: Windows Vista SP2 or later
CPU: Pentium IV 2.2GHz or faster (Single Core)
RAM: 1 GB or more
DirectX: 9.0c
Hard Disk: 7 GB or more
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon HD 26xx or better
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card (minimum of 5.1 compatible hardware)
OS: Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core i5 or AMD


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