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Usb Installers For Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Xp ,Ubuntu


Aug 9, 2020
How to Install Ubuntu On a USB Flash Drive
Installing a distro onto a USB flash drive is not much different from installing it onto a hard disk, other than the fact that you must mount the USB flash drive on your computer before installing. .
May 30, 2020
So I tried many methods and after many hours I found my own method to install ubuntu desktop.
To install ubuntu desktop you must follow these steps.
First Method .
Oct 6, 2020
After installing Ubuntu with the first method then you should update and upgrade it.
In order to update the system, follow the following steps
Open the terminal and type the following commands and press enter .
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt dist-upgrade
In order to upgrade the software, type the following command
sudo apt upgrade
Before restarting your computer you must first update your BIOS.
Step by step guide on how to update BIOS .
Now you can restart your computer and it will boot into Ubuntu. .
Now you have successfully installed Ubuntu in a USB flash drive. .
These are the steps for installing Ubuntu on a USB flash drive.
Oct 12, 2020
Try these commands in a terminal and type sudo before each command.
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
If any error appear you can solve this error by typing sudo apt-get upgrade.


The answer is: To format to a usb it is better to use a software called mkusb which is the best one.
Here the screenshot of the app:

And to know more about it see the official website.

Create a bootable Linux usb drive in Windows 7:


How do you read binary files into NSString and byte buffer with Swift?

I’m trying to read a binary file in an NSString and NSData.
The binary file is the exe output of a program from an objective c project.
My code so far is:
let path = NSBundle.mainBundle().pathForResource(“hello”, of


Jul 7, 2020

Plug in the USB pen drive. Open the Windows Disk Management window and format it as FAT32.

Using a text editor (such as Notepad) create a new DOS text file called AUTOBoot.bat in the root directory of the pen drive.

Open AUTOBoot.bat, add this code:

c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /k “usbinstall.exe -z -a \\.\0 \\.\1 \\.\2” -d C:\ProgramData\Boot\ -d /s \\.\3 -d \\.\4 -d \\.\5


Now save the file and rename it to Autorun.inf

Next open up the Startup tab of the Windows Control Panel and add the following entry:

Path \\.\3\Autorun.inf

If you want to be more specific about the locations of the files and folders you want to load on the liveUSB, you could create a bootable thumb drive using Startup Disk Creator for Windows 8 and higher or Linux Live USB Creator (also known as LinuxLiveUSB or YUMI). Startup Disk Creator also works with Windows XP.

Step 2: Boot to the live USB or live DVD
Insert the USB pen drive into a Windows computer and start the operating system. Windows may automatically detect the USB pen drive, and then automatically boot to it.

Alternatively, if the USB pen drive is not automatically recognized by the operating system, then select the USB pen drive from the list of drives on the desktop, and then select the “Boot from this device” option.

Step 3: Start the installer
Select the language and time format of your country, and then start the installer. Choose “Install Ubuntu” and “Do not install Ubuntu on this computer” and follow the on-screen instructions.

(Note that Windows may require you to remove the Ubuntu installer before it will be able to start Windows normally.)

Step 4: Finish the installer
If you want to encrypt your disk, select “Encrypt my home folder” (for Ubuntu 11.10 and above) or “Encrypt my data” (for Ubuntu 10.04 and below), and then click Continue.

If you want to manually partition the disk, check the box for “Install third-party software”. Once you have finished the install, it will ask you to




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