Aug 2022
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GetData Recover My Files Professional Portable .rar

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GetData Recover My Files Professional Portable .rar




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“GetData Recover My Files Professional Portable (kotlas.ir).rar”


I was using Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 key-file as we know, it was very good, but I did not clean my computer completely, it just turns out that when I turned it on, an error on antivirus was on my computer and it asked for a restart. After restart, it become very annoying that my antivirus does not work. I just remove this antivirus and scan my computer again with all antiviruses. And it was so interesting, there was an error in Kaspersky Recovery Console. I don’t know what this error is about, so I want to remove the antivirus completely. After that, I download some tools to fix this issue.One of this tools is Kaspersky Removal Tool.

And now the problem is getting worse and worse. Now the following error message appearing in my system.

As I can understand this error message is related to certain pagent file.
And the tool will not work properly.

I’m wondering if I can restore the pagent file of Kaspersky Removal Tool by Kaspersky Repair Tool. Because I just install Kaspersky Removal Tool on my computer 3 hours ago and I thought that the pagent file should be on my computer only with the installed Kaspersky Removal Tool.
But this error message didn’t go away. So I started to google it. I found there was a file named “Errors.log”. I open it and found this:

And I guess this is the pagent file. So then I started to do some thing like repairing the pagent file.

I have a question, what is the meaning of the file path like “C:\Users\al\AppData\Local\Temp\R1197\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\g\T\5Y&7FH\AppX\chrome.exe”? Where are does it come from and how to remove it?
I just assume it related with the pagent file issue. If it will be removed, I will not get any error message after



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